SEARCHING: How to search the forum (and this website)

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SEARCHING: How to search the forum (and this website)

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2017 Mar 05, 3:48 am

The forum's native search tends to overload the database with a record of queries so it has been disabled. To search the forum, enter the following in your search field:
  • query
where "query" is your search request.
For example:
  • conscious evolution
Note that there are no spaces between the word "site" and the URL. Google will ingore the punctuation unless it is part of a search operator.

The above method will search only the forum. If you want to search the entire website, including the AetherWiki, Insights & Inner Lights blog, etc, remove "/phpbb/" from the URL. For example:
  • conscious evolution

The "and" operator:
Use "and" or "+" to narrow the search to specific words. If you use the "+", make sure there is no space between it and the word or Google will ignore it. For example:
  • telepathy +clairvoyance
  • telepathy and clairvoyance
The "not" operator:
Use "not" or "-" to exclude words. For example:
  • clairvoyance not mentalism
  • clairvoyance -mentalism
The phrase operator:
To search for an exact phrase, put it in quotes. For example:
  • "Sol Luckman"
With phrases, the fewer the words there are in the search term, the more likely you are to get results. If you fail to get what you're looking for, try modifying the phrase.

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