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For those who disagree with the views expressed on this website, in the Harmonic Hearts forum, in the AetherWiki, or in the Insights & Inner Lights blog
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Sound off

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2017 Mar 08, 6:25 pm

Wikipedia is an excellent place for general, non-controversial information. But if you edit Wikipedia and they disagree with you, you'll find that your correction gets reverted within hours or even minutes. What kind of information are you forbidden to correct? The type that is expressed on this website. Who is watching so carefully to assure you don't sully their pages with the truth? I could offer my opinion on that but I'll hold my tongue for the moment.

If you post a video or if you comment on a video on YouTube, and Google doesn't like it, there is an excellent chance that you'll be subjected to punative action. Videos get blocked or deleted or corrupted. Video uploaders or comment posters receive email warnings that they've violated terms or policy. Many have had their accounts removed.

That's why the Dissenting Opinions forum was added. I received a warning from Google+ that my posts "may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy." The reason was "Content that transmits viruses or contains malware or other malicious code is not permitted."

Really? For one thing, I have never posted a comment to Google+. Ever. I wouldn't even know how because I don't use Google+ at all. Ever.

For another thing, it's not even possiple to post malware in a comment. Spam, yes. But code in plaintext comments is not executable. No matter what you put in there, it can never be anything more than annoying.

I have no problem with Wikipedia's choice to subscribe to a certain scientific paradigm. I have no problem with YouTube's social views. I do have a problem with pretending to be one thing but acting another.

This website shares much in common with the standards of Wikipedia and YouTube. The difference is that our standards are clearly stated in the rules and guidelines that everyone is required to read if they wish to post. If any post is ever deleted or has restrictions imposed upon it or if a member is ever warned or banned, it is because they are in clear violation of the rules as they are stated.

That said, we do not wish to put a metaphoric sock in your mouth. If you don't agree with what you read here, you are permitted to express your opinion. But it must be expressed in an appropriate manner. Minor objections to the various conversations can of course be posted in the respective thread. But if you disagree with the fundamental themes of this website and want to tell us how deluded we are, then you must say so in the Dissenting Opinions forum. Just remember that flaming is never allowed. Regardless of your personal views. you must always keep a cool head and show respect for individuals and the community.

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