What is peace?

The most fundamental need for every person. If you are breathing, you need peace.
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What is peace?

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2017 Feb 06, 6:33 pm

To understand what peace is, we first need to understand what it is not. There are many organizations dedicated to bringing an end to war. But ending war will not bring peace to the world. There are many places in the world that are not engaged in combat but the people in those areas are not all living in peace. This lack of peace is reflected in crime and general social unrest. When our children have to pass through metal detectors and armed guards to attend school, you know that peace is in short supply and high demand.

Perhaps it would be better to ask, "Where is peace?"

You won't find peace in legislation. Laws can't force someone to feel peace. But if you have peace within, then you don't need a law to tell you to act peacefuly. We need to change our focus. We need to turn our attention to the source of peace, within our hearts. This is not a question of how to change the world, it is a matter of changing people. When the individuals of the world find that peace inside, there will be peace in the world. War and crime are a reflection of the chaos and confusion in our minds. If we are at peace within, that is what will be mirrored in the world and the world will know peace.


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