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Fairy Rings

Bring a Dramen or Lunar Staff (Not required after completing the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary). Some rings can not be used until activated by completing quests or other requirements. Every ring provides access to any other ring once you have unlocked the location. Left-clicking a ring will take you to Zanaris. Left-clicking the Zanaris ring or right-clicking any other ring will bring up the locations menu.

DKR Edgeville
Grand Exchange A few steps from the Canoe Station. Spirit Tree at the G.E. Edgeville & Monastery just west.
AIQ Mudskipper Point Ice Dungeon
Port Sarim, Rimmington
An altar a little north, near Port Sarim. Rimmington to the NW. Mogres & Blurite mine in the dungeon.
DIS Wizard's Tower Draynor Vlg Draynor a short walk north. Lumbridge to the NE
Req: Death to the Dorgeshuun
Dorgesh–Kaan Dungeon Agility Course. Cave Crawlers, Cave Bugs, Cave Slimes, & Molanisks REMINDER: Take a light source. To get to the city, circle E, N, W, N, climb the ladder, head N.
BKS Zanaris Main exit to Lumbridge Swamp.
1-way exit (in the market) to Al Kharid
Closest bank of all Fairy Rings, Cosmic Altar, stove, churn, water, wheat field, windmill, bucket spawn, cows, general store, Chaeldar (Slayer master), Evil Chicken Lair, Yew tree, furnace, sandpit.
DIP Abyssal Nexus Abyssal Sire
Pull the Appendage NW of the Overseer (marked by a Transportation arrow icon) to TP to Lumbridge
DKS Polar Hunter area Keldagrim
Near Dwarven Kingdom entrance, on path to Trollweiss Mtn. Rellekka to SW. Snow hunting to the N. Good spot to collect seaweed or hunt Rock Crabs.
ALP Lighthouse Barbarian Outpost, Rellekka Horror From The Deep req to enter Jossik's store and basement w/ Dagannoths
AJR Slayer Cave Rellekka Near path to Troll region. Rellekka to NW. Agility log to Sinclair Mansion to SW.
AKQ Piscatoris Woodlands hunting. Kraken Cove. Fishing Colony Summoning obelisk a short walk NNE. Fishing Colony to the N. Grey Chinchompas & mining.
CJR Kandarin
Sinclair Mansion
Seers' Vlg
Among maple trees around Sinclair Mansion. Seers to S. Agility log to Rellekka to NE. Be alert for wolves.
ALS McGruber's Wood Seers' Vlg Watch out for the dogs. To exit, run S, then E, then N, then squeeze through fence. Coal trucks to W. Seers' Village to E. Fishing Guild & Ranging Guild to S.
BLR Legends' Guild Ardougne (to SW)
Next to Legends' entrance. Several yew trees. Maple & Magic trees to N. Iron & coal mine and Ardougne to SW. Catherby to WNW.
DJP Tower of Life Ardougne (to N) Ardougne to the north. Monastery to the SW. Port Khazard to the south.
CIQ Yanille Tree Gnome Vlg
Castle Wars
Yanille west gate (& POH) just south. Gnome Maze to the north. Gu'Tanoth to S, Castle Wars to W.
CLS Hazelmere Yanille At the far end of the peninsula east of Yanille.
BKP Feldip Hills:
Achey Forest
Castle Wars Smoke Devil Dungeon & Castle Wars to NE. Chompy hunting. Teak tree to W.
AKS Feldip Hills:
Hunting area
Gnome Glider In middle of jungle. Chompy hunting. Gnome Glider to WNW. Eagles to SW (Just W of the lake, NW of the Hunter Tutor. Does not show up on your maps). Og'glog a short run S.
Req: Completion of Regicide.
Island near Zul-Andra Port Tyras
Lv 76 shortcut to mainland
Req: Holy Grail
Grail Castle
(Realm of the Fisher King)
Brimhaven Magic Whistle spawns to the west (keep it on hand if you plan to return). Gold mine just south of exit
BLP Tz'haar Dungeon Musa Point Arrive inside Tz'haar city. An exit near the center of the N wall leads to the Karamja Underground. Go through and then climb the nearby rope to arrive at the volcano at Musa Point.
CKR SW Karamja Tai Bwo Wannai
Shilo Vlg
Nature altar to the east. Lady of the Waves ship to Port Khazard or Port Sarim (buy ticket in Shilo or on board ship).
DKP NE Karamja Shipyard
Password (After The Grand Tree): Ka Lu Min
Located on east side of river (so no quick access to other locations). Gnome Glider at SE corner of continent.
CKS Canifis Salve Temple
Next to entrance to Mort Myre Swamp. Canifis a short walk E. Varrock via Salve Temple to NW. Slayer Tower directly N.
BKR Mort Myre Swamp Nature Spirit Grotto Exit from swamp to NW. Nature Spirit Grotto & Mort'ton to S. Swamp boat to SE (toward Barrows & Burgh de Rott)
Req: In Search of the Myreque
Myreque Caves Canifis, Mort Myre To exit, use crack in S wall, then use crack in N wall.
- For Canifis, go N.
- For the Hollows, go S. To get to Mort'ton, go S, over the bridge, then S to the boat.
- To return return to the Fairy Ring from the main cave, find the hidden crack on W side of passage, across from the Myreque hideout.
ALQ Haunted Woods Port Phasmatys
Ectophial arrival point to N, then E.
CAUTION: Area swarming with lv 61 Feral Vampyres who will follow you out of the swamp (You're safe inside the Fairy Ring). Also, annoying Leeches and hostile trees. Head N to Farm allotment. Canifis to W. Port Phasmatys to E.
BIP Island SW of Mort Myre Mort Myre: Next to Nature Spirit Grotto & entrance to Mort'ton For clue scroll cryptic. Lv 50 shortcut to reach the mainland.
BIQ NW Desert
Kalphite Cave
Shantay Pass
(Al Kharid)

ALERT: Take water, knife, & protective clothing or run to safe zone. Shantay Pass to the NW. Kalphite Cave to NE. You can run SE to Pollnivneach if you hurry or have a waterskin.
DLQ East Desert Nardah ALERT: Take water, knife, & protective clothing or run to safe zone. Desert Eagle to far north end of desert. Nardah to the south. For Pollnivneach, go NW to bridge, then south (or go SW to other bridge, then NE.
BKS Zanaris Main exit to Lumbridge Swamp.
1-way exit (in the market) to Al Kharid
Closest bank of all Fairy Rings, Cosmic Altar, stove, churn, water, wheat field, windmill, bucket spawn, cows, general store, Chaeldar (Slayer master), Evil Chicken Lair, Yew tree, furnace, sandpit.
BIS Unicorn Pen Dead end
within Ardougne Zoo
Inside the pen. No exit to zoo. Used for Medium Ardougne Diary.
AIR Island Isolated
SE of Ardougne
For clue scrolls & Medium Ardougne Diary.
CLP Island Isolated
South of Draynor Vlg
Used for hard clue scrolls.
AJS Penguin Island Isolated
Near Miscellania
Penguins. (Fourth combination to Fairy Queen's first hiding place in Fairy Tale II)
ALR Abyssal area Extra-dimensional WARNING: Combat area. No runecrafting portals.
DIR Gorak Lair Extra-dimensional WARNING: Aggressive lvl 145 Goraks.
BKQ Enchanted Valley Extra-dimensional CAUTION: Tree spirit attacks if you chop trees. Hunting area (stag, rabbits).
CKP Starflower Plane
Cosmic Entity Plane
Extra-dimensional Used for Fairy Tale II. Starflower spawn (for Magic Essence potion).
Req: Holy Grail
Realm of Fisher King
(Grail Castle)
Brimhaven Use the whistle that spawns on the ground to exit. This is the closest Fairy Ring to Brimhaven.
DIP Abyssal Nexus Abyssal Sire
Pull the Appendage NW of the Overseer (marked by a Transportation arrow icon) to TP to Lumbridge

Any glider provides access to any other glider (via Grand Tree) once you have unlocked the location.

Map Icon
Map Name
Ta Quir Priw
Grand Tree Gnome Stronghold At top of Grand Tree. To go to Ape Atoll, talk to Daero two levels down. Spirit Tree and Hot Air Balloon at base of tree.
Lemantolly Undri
Feldip Fairy Ring AKS Fairy Ring AKS to the ESE. Eagles to SW.
White Wolf Mtn Catherby
Be alert for wolves. Catherby down west slope. Taverley down eastern trail.
Palm Tree
East Karamja Shilo Village At SE corner of jungle. Fairy Ring DKP to far north.
Lemanto Andra
Digsite Varrock
Fossil Island
One–way trip. Glider crashes after landing. Head N, then E to the ship to Fossil Island.
Al Kharid Lumbridge Next to the gate to Lumbridge.

Gain access to Waydar's glider during Monkey Madness I. Talk to Daero at Blurberry's Bar (2nd floor).

Military Glider Crash Island
and return to
Grand Tree
Access to Ape Atoll
Mahogany tree on the beach at W end of jungle
WARNING: Take a greegree or expect to die. NOTE: A better option for mahogany is W of Fairy Ring CIR, N of the Farming Guild.

Any Spirit Tree provides access to any other tree in the network once a location has been unlocked.

Tree Gnome Village Center of maze Talk to Elkoy to be teleported between the maze entrance (at NW corner) and the gate at the center.
Tree Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree Bank, agility course, and Hot Air Balloon a few steps away.Glider at top of Grand Tree. Agility shortcut to Barbarian Outpost to the NE.
Khazard Battlefield Ardougne At SW corner of Ardougne.
Varrock: at
Grand Exchange
Gnome Carts at NW corner. Fairy Ring DKR and Canoe Station outside the NW shortcut.
Feldip Hills Myth's Guild SW corner
POH As chosen (Rimmington, Yanille, etc) Player-grown in Superior Garden. Does not count toward the limit of Spirit Trees that can be planted at farming patches.
Port Sarim Draynor Vlg
Ships to Entrana, Void Knights, Kourend
Player-grown in plot at NE corner, next to pub
Brimhaven Agility Arena
Boat to Ardougne
Brimhaven Dungeon
Player-grown in NE plot
Etcetera Boat to Rellekka
Fairy Ring CIP
Player-grown in the SE plot
Farming Guild (Inside) Kebos Lowlands
Fairy Ring CIR
Player-grown in advanced tier (Guild requires 45 Farming & 60% Hosidius favor to enter; Adv tier requires lv 85). Access all Guild patches.

Any cart provides access to any other cart (via Keldagrim).

Free passage
Fremennik At SE corner of town.
Grand Exchange
Free passage
Fairy Ring DKR and Canoe Station outside the NW shortcut. Spirit Tree in NE corner.
White Wolf Mtn Taverley
Exit east end of tunnel for Taverley. Exit to the west for Catherby.
Ice Mtn
150 gp
Dwarven Mines Somewhat deep in the mines. Take a roundabout route (south, east, north) to exit near the Monastery.

Bring a rope to ride. At various Construction levels, you can build a rope rack at the aeries to provide unlimited rope spawns (Lvl 18 for Eagles' Peak, lvl 28 for Karamja, and lvl 38 for Feldip). Any eagle provides access to any other eagle (via Eagles' Peak) once you have unlocked the location.

Eagles' Peak eyrie
(Woodlands Eagle)
Hunting area
Deep in the cave. It's a long walk to get anywhere except the hunting area. This is the only eyrie that contains all four types of eagles.
Rellekka eyrie
(Polar Eagle)
Hunting area
Trollweiss Mtn
Rope spawn near the eagle. Hunting Guide to the west. Keldagrim Fairy Ring DKS to the south.
Feldip eyrie
(Jungle Eagle)
Hunting area Near Hunting Guide. Fairy Ring AKS & Gnome Glider to the NE.
Uzer eyrie
(Desert Eagle)
Hunting area
ALERT: Take water, protective clothing, & knife. Rope spawn near the eagle. Fairy Ring DLQ to the south.
(Jungle Eagle)
Jade Vine Maze
Shilo Village
Fairy Ring DKP to the far north.
This station appears to have been discontinued

Each boat travels between Location 1 and Location 2.

Port Sarim Port Piscarilius
or Land's End
Speak to Veos on the dock at any of the three locations to travel to either of the other two. In Port Sarim, he's at the N end.
Fairy Ring closest to Port Sarim is at Mudskipper Point (AIQ)
(Capt Barnaby)
(Customs Agt)
Free with Ring of Charos. 30gp without it.
Fairy Ring closest to Ardougne is by Tower of Life (DJP)
Port Sarim
(Monks on dock)
(Monks on dock)
Free. No weapons or armor allowed.
Fairy Ring closest to Port Sarim is at Mudskipper Point (AIQ)
Port Sarim
(Seaman Lorris, Seaman Thresnor, Capt Tobias)
Musa Point
(Customs Agt)
Free with Ring of Charos. 30gp without it.
Fairy Ring closest to Port Sarim is at Mudskipper Point (AIQ)
(Mord on north dock)
Jatizso Free
Fairy Ring closest to Rellekka is the Polar Hunter area (DKS) if you have 57 Agility to use the shortcut on the N side of the E wall. Otherwise use AJR (Slayer Cave).
(Maria on north dock)
Neitiznot Free
Fairy Ring closest to Rellekka is the Polar Hunter area (DKS) if you have 57 Agility to use the shortcut on the N side of the E wall. Otherwise use AJR (Slayer Cave).
(Sailor on south dock)
Miscellania and Etceteria
(SE corner of Misc)
Fairy Ring closest to Rellekka is the Polar Hunter area (DKS) if you have 57 Agility to use the shortcut on the N side of the E wall. Otherwise use AJR (Slayer Cave).
(Jarvald, west dock)
Fairy Ring closest to Rellekka is the Polar Hunter area (DKS) if you have 57 Agility to use the shortcut on the N side of the E wall. Otherwise use AJR (Slayer Cave).
Al Kharid
(West of bank)
(SE coast)
River Lum:
* Wilderness: Lv 35
* Edgeville
* Barbarian Vlg
* Lumbridge
River Lum:
* Wilderness: Lv 35
* Edgeville
* Barbarian Vlg
* Lumbridge
Canoe stations
Free. Use a hatchet on a canoe tree to make a canoe (The canoe tutor will loan you one).
WARNING: The trip to the Wilderness is one–way. There are no trees to cut a canoe to return.
Port Phasmatys Mos Le'Harmless Free. Talk to Bill Teach on the large ship at the east end of the docks.
Port Phasmatys
(Row boat)
Dragontooth Island 10 ecto–tokens with Ring of Charos. 25 ecto–tokens without it. Return trip is free.
Mort Myre Swamp
(SW of tavern)
(East bridge)
Free from swamp to Mort'ton. Ten gp to return. To get to the boat, enter Myreque hideout via trap door behind tavern in Canifis, use secret wall, exit south door, go south, over bridge, continue south to boat.
Shilo Village
(Lady of the Waves West of Shilo)
Port Khazard
Port Sarim
20gp. One–way from Shilo. Purchase ticket from Seravel in Shilo Fishing shop or from Capt Shanks on board ship.

40kg weight limit (Wear Graceful). Bring required logs for all locations you want to visit. You can store up to 100 of each type of log in the storage box, located at each balloon station (You can bring the logs noted). Bringing a hatchet may help but the area probably won't have the type of tree you need. Hatchets are not allowed on Entrana. Any balloon can take you directly to any other balloon, provided you have the required Firemaking level and have unlocked the location by navigating the obstacle course from Entrana.

Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree Magic 60 Spirit Tree a few steps away. Gnome Glider at top of Grand Tree.
Castle Wars Yanille Yew 50 Next to entrance to Castle Wars (Closest balloon to a bank). Yanille to the E.
Taverley Falador Normal 20 At SE corner of Taverley. Burthorpe to the N. Falador to SE.
Craft Guild Falador
Port Sarim
Oak 30 Outside SW corner of Falador, N of Rimmington. Port Sarim to the SE.
Lumber Yard (Varrock) Digsite
Salve Temple
Willow 40 Between Sawmill Operator and gate to Digsite & Salve Temple. Varrock a short walk to the SW. Near Earth Altar and alt entrance to Chaos Altar.
Entrana Boat to Port Sarim Normal 20 No weapons/armor allowed on Entrana so take logs or other means to return. Bank deposit box at N end of docks. Law Altar over the bridge to the N.

* Player–crafted jewelry made by mining gems in Shilo Vlg, then using gold or silver to create a ring, amulet, or necklace, then using Level 1/2/3 Enchant. The type of gem, type of metal, type of mould, and level of enchantment determines the destination(s).
* You can travel from anywhere unless teleporting is restricted (e.g. deep Wilderness).
* Each piece has a designated number of charges. After teleporting the final time, the piece will either disintegrate or will need to be recharged (see table)
* Quest completion is required to recharge jewelry. There may be other requirements.
* Dragonstone jewelry can be used in up to lv 30 Wilderness.

Explorer Ring 2/3/4
Ring 2: 3 TPs daily
Ring 3 & 4: Unlimited
To Cabbage Patch Farm allotment
N of Port Sarim, between Falador & Draynor Vlg
Reward from Lumbridge/Draynor Diary.


To Enakhra's Temple

Bandit Camp

ALERT: Take water, TP, protective clothing, & knife.
— To exit the temple: Head north to a ladder, south to next ladder, take east door to a ladder.
— The pyramid is SE. Bandit Camp is east, then north, then NW.
— Camulet has 4 charges. To recharge, use camel dung on it.
— To get dung: Wear Camulet & talk to Ollie, Ellie or Cam (Al Kharid camels)
— In Pollnivneach, purchase free hot sauce from Ali the kebab seller. Use sauce on food trough in camel pen (Bucket spawn in pen).

Amulet of Glory
4 charges
Edgeville Grand Exchange Fairy Ring DKR and Canoe Station just outside of G.E., near NW corner. Spirit Tree at NE corner (inside) G.E.
Recharge at Heroes Guild Karamja Musa Point Near agility shortcut to the harpies area.
Unlimited charges when installed in POH. Draynor Vlg Bank  
  Al Kharid Palace Gnome Glider a short walk to the north.
Skills Necklace Fishing Guild Hemenster Seers' Vlg to NE. Ardougne to S.
(Dragonstone) Mining Guild Dwarven Mines Falador E bank up the nearby stairs
4 charges Crafting Guild Falador
Falador to the N via shortcuts. S entrance to the NE. Rimmington to the S. Taverley to the N.
Recharge at totem in Legends' Guild Cooking Guild Varrock W bank just E. G.E. a quick walk NE.
or Fountain of Uhld in Myths' Guild Woodcutting Guild Land's End
Land's End a bit of a run to the SW. Hosidius an equal distance to the NE.
  Farming Guild Kebos Arrive inside the gate if 45 Farming.
Ring of Wealth
  Miscellania accessible after Throne of Miscellania
5 charges Grand Exchange Varrock W bank  
Recharge only at Fountain of Rune Falador Park E bank The Fountain of Rune is in deep Wilderness in the ruined fortress S of the Wilderness Volcano.
Charge Dragonstone scrolls won't work Dondakan's Rock in Keldagrim mine Requires completion of Between A Rock...
Combat Bracelet
Warriors' Guild Burthorpe  
(Dragonstone) Champions' Guild Varrock  
4 charges
Recharge at Legends' Guild
Edgeville Monastery Grand Exchange Fairy Ring DKR and Canoe Station just outside of G.E., near NW corner. Spirit Tree at NE corner (inside) G.E.
Unlimited charges w/ Ornate Jewellery Box Ranging Guild Seers' Vlg (to NE)
Ardougne (to S)
Ring of Returning
(Jade / Silver)
5 charges. Disintegrates
Current respawn location Either Lumbridge Castle, Seers' Vlg, Fally Bank, or G.E. Default destination will be Lumbridge until the respawn location has been changed.
Necklace of Passage Wizards' Tower Draynor Vlg Fairy Ring DIS
(Jade / Silver) Jorral's Outpost NW of W Ardougne Aggressive lv 64 Wolves, lv 42 Hobgoblins.
Making History start point.
5 charges. Disintegrates Desert Eagle Station. Uzer Access Eagles transport system. Access Fairy Rings: AKQ (Piscatoris) & AKS (Feldip).
Ring of Dueling Castle Wars Yanille Fairy Ring BKP to SW.
(Emerald / Gold) Duel Arena Al–Kharid Next to the Fire altar.
8 charges. Disintegrates Clan Wars Al–Kharid Use Clan Wars portal to restore full health, prayer, & run energy.
Games Necklace
Barbarian Outpost Grand Tree Lv 35 Agility Training. Lv 37 shortcut to Grand Tree. Long walk to Seers' Vlg or Ardougne.
(Sapphire / Gold) Burthorpe Games Room Burthorpe
Heroes' Guild a short walk south (recharge Amulet of Glory)
8 charges. Disintegrates Corporeal Beast's Cave Graveyard of Shadows In lv 21 Wilderness. Edgeville to the south. Graveyard of Shadows to the west. Bandit Camp to NW. Dark Warrior's Fortress to SW
  Chasm of Tears
(Tears of Guthix)
Lumbridge Dungeon
Lumbridge Swamp
Lumbridge cellar
Completion of Tears of Guthix required. Light source required to enter the dungeon & access other areas.
  Wintertodt Camp Arceuus
(Great Kourend)
Must have taken Veos's ship to Great Kourend at least once. Bank nearby. Fairy Ring CIS to the east (requires paying 80k to Trossa).

Each method will take you TO the area listed for that item. Unless listed otherwise, you can travel FROM anywhere except areas with teleport restrictions (e.g. deep Wilderness, certain quest locations, etc).

Ardougne Cape To Monastery Zoo Fairy Ring DJP to the W (N of Tower of Life).
Chronicle To Champions' Guild (outside) SW Varrock
Draynor Manor just across river shortcut. G.E. to NW
Purchase from Diango (Draynor Vlg) for 300 gp. Add charges by purchasing Teleport Cards for 150 gp (limit 100/day). Add up to 1000 charges.
Ectophial To Ectofuntus Port Phasmatys

Farm allotment to W. Fairy Ring ALQ south of allotment, in Haunted Woods. Canifis W from allotment. Boats in town take you to Dragontooth Island, Mos Le'Harmless, and Harmony.

Lyre To Rellekka Boats to:
Jatizso & Neitiznot, Miscellania & Etcetera,
Lunar Isle, and Waterbirth Isle.
Recharge by offering raw fish to Fossegrimen. A Shark (or Bass, if wearing the Ring of Charos (a)) gains two TPs. With Easy Diary, three TPs. With completion of The Fremennik Isles, offer 1k raw shark or bass for infinite charges.
Magic Guild Portals FROM: Magic Guild
TO: (See Notes)

Port Sarim

Seers' Vlg
EAST portal: Wizards' Tower, S of Draynor.

SOUTH portal: Dark Wizards' Tower, N of Crafting Guild.

WEST portal: Sorcerers' Tower, S of Seers' Vlg.
Switch: Ardougne to Wild
Switch: Edgeville to Wild
Switch: Deserted Keep to Ardougne
FROM: Ardougne or Edgeville
TO: Deserted Keep
FROM: Deserted Keep
TO: Ardougne
Ardougne switch near gate to W Ardougne.
Edgeville switch in ruins south of bank.
Deserted Keep near Mage Arena
WARNING: You arrive at far north of Wild. Prepare for combat.
REMINDER: Take knife or other blade to cut the web to exit.
The switch at the Keep will always return you to the Ardougne location, regardless of the switch you used to get there. The switch works even if you are being attacked.
Lunch by the Lancalliums Center of Hosidius Fishing spot E of general store
(W of Tithe Farm, W side of river)
The Depths of Despair.
The Fisher's Flute Port Piscarilius Center of the port The Queen of Thieves
History & Hearsay Shayzien Graveyard of Heroes, SW of bank Tale of the Righteous
Jewellery of Jubilation Lovakengj NE of bank The Forsaken Tower
A Dark Disposition Arceuus Center of Arceuus The Ascent of Arceuus


RESOURCES: Tools & Facilities

Listed in general order of accessibility, proximity to a bank, and practicality to use. There may be other options that are preferable but have strict requirements (e.g. pay to use, complete a difficult quest, travel to remote location, etc).

Water source * Farming Guild (Req 45 Farming & 60% Hosidius favor): Fountain right next to bank chest.
* Neitiznot (After starting Fremennik Isles): Fountain just SE of bank chest.
* Falador: W bank: Pump a few steps to the N
* Edgeville: A well just outside NW corner of bank (Must use a bucket).
Zanaris: Fountain just N of the fairy ring, not far from the bank chests.
Cooking Range * Zanaris (Req Lost City): S of bank.
* Edgeville: Next to bank, W side.
* TzHaar: Sulphur vent SE of bank. Fairy Ring BLP.
* Catherby: Next to bank, E side.
* Al Kharid: N of bank.
* Neitiznot (After starting Fremennik Isles): A few steps NE of bank.
Dairy Churn * Zanaris (After Lost City): A little E from bank.
* Ardougne: Farm building NE from bank, across from potato patch.
Furnace * Edgeville: Next to bank (E side). Closest furnace to bank.
* Neitiznot (After starting Fremennik Isles): NE of bank. In view of bank chest.
* Port Phasmatys (After Priest In Peril & Ghosts Ahoy): Just across from bank.
Anvil * Varrock: W bank: Right across from S door.
* Seers' Vlg: Next to bank, W side.
* Yanille: Next to bank, S side.
Spinning Wheel * Lumbridge Castle: On 2nd floor. Bank on 3rd floor.
* Fossil Island (after Bone Voyage and repairing the wheel). Just NW from bank chest.
* Neitiznot (After starting Fremennik Isles): SE from bank, in SE corner of the island.
* Seers' Vlg: Small building SW from bank; 2nd floor.
* Tree Gnome Stronghold:
Loom * In farm house on W side of cabbage patch (NW of Draynor, SE of Falador S entrance).
* Fossil Island (Requires 100 Kudos, Bone Voyage, and 29 Construction), NW of the bank.
Sand Pit * Zanaris: E from bank, on E side of wheat field.
* Yanille: W of bank, along the N wall. After completing The Hand In The Sand, Bert will deliver (upon request) 84 buckets of sand directly to your bank daily.

RESOURCES: Supplies / Item Spawns

Boots of Lightness Temple of Ikov dungeon. N of Ardougne, W of Sorcerer's Tower, S of Ranging Guild, E of Hemenster / Fishing Guild. Take knife to cut spider web.
Bucket of Water
Bucket (empty)
Bucket of Milk From larder in Player Owned House.
Cadava Berries Varrock: Bushes just W of E mine
Chocolate Bar Buy 100 from Baker's Stall and 100 from Sandwich Lady in Ard for 20gp. Spawns at Cooking Guild and the stove in Zanaris.
Cup of Tea
Curry Brimhaven
Dwellberries McGrubor's Wood (Buy from Heckel Funch's Grand Tree Groceries).
Garlic Seers' Vlg. House SW of bank
Herbs Chaos Druids in Taverley Dungeon drop low level herbs up to Ranarr.
Moss Giants (NW from Ardougne) also drop herbs up to Ranarr.
Insect Repellent Catherby: House behind bank. For beehives
Limpwurt Falidor: Hobgoblin Peninsula (W of Craft Guild).
Moss Giants: NW of Ardougne
Onion Lumbridge: Behind Farmer Fred. Rimmington:W of mine.
Pineapple Karamja. Five trees just S of Brimhaven POH portal. Use to make supercompost
Plank x4
Plank x2
Barbarian Outpost. Fairy quick spawn. Bank in the outpost yard.
Port Khazard.
Purple Dye Clocktower: Just across the bridge, N side of river
Red Berries Varrock: Bushes just W of E mine. Make red dye (in Draynor)
Red Spider Egg Karamja Dungeon. Near gate to Arandar.
Rogue's Purse Karamja
Rope - Buy from Shantay
After starting The Fremennik Trials, make your own rope in Neitiznot.
- After doing part of Olaf's Quest, there are three spawns in the Brine Rat Cavern (Dig at the Windswept tree, then follow the path to the lake). There is no wait; they respawn instantly.
Seaweed Entrana. Nine spawn E of chicken pen, six N of Law Altar.
Snake Weed Tai Bwo Wannai: Jungle vines near coast to the SW
Snape Grass Waterbirth Island
SuperAntiPoison NE of Observatory, NW of Yanille: In hut on E side of river)
Tomatoes Taverley: Mess Sergeant Ramsey has 25 at 14gp
Vials Dropped by Water Elementals in Elemental Workshop.
Dropped by Chaos Druids in Taverley Dungeon
White Berries Tirannwn: N of Tracker. Wild, Red Dragon Inn
Whiteberry Ardougne, Etcetera, Rimmington, Champions Guild

RESOURCES: Useful Drops (Low & Mid Level)

Low to mid-level opponents that drop useful drops often enough to make it worthwhile to fight them.

Death Runes
Raw Shark & Lobster (Noted)
Raw Swordfish
Brine Rat Requires partial completion of Olaf's Quest to enter the cave and lv 47 Slayer to kill the rats.
Law Runes Chaos Druid Located in Taverley Dungeon and Chaos Druid Tower (NW of Ardougne. Requires 46 Thieving to enter).
Pure Essence Banshee
Require 15 Slayer to kill
Located in the Morytania Slayer Tower (access requires Priest in Peril). They drop noted Essence much faster than you can mine it.


Battered Key
Slashed Book
Stone Bowl
The key (obtained by using a knife on the book, hence its name) allows entry to the Elemental Workshop next to Seers bank. The bowl is used to get lava for the furnace to make shields. The book provides the knowledge to craft the shield.
Beacon Ring What Lies Below. From Zaff, Varrock Staff Shop
Book on Baxtorian From Waterfall. Search bookcase upstairs in Hadley's house S of Baxtorian Falls
Cave nightshade Use nightshade on ogre to enter cave w/ Blue Dragons
Clockwork Book Cold War. From Larry, Ardy zoo
Druidic Spell Nature Spirit. In Mort Myre Swamp, with a Silver Sickle (b) and Druid Pouch in inventory, stand next to a rotting log and cast the spell, which will cause the nature items to grow (Same as casting Bloom with the Silver Sickle) without consuming Prayer points. Each spell can only be used once. The extra spells can only be obtained during the quest. Once used, the used spell is useless and may be discarded. NOTE: Don't waste these if you're near the grotto since there is an altar there.
Ectophial From Velorina in Port Phasmatys.
Explorer Ring From Explorer Jack in house north of Lumbridge Castle. (Beginner Achievement Reward).
Glarial's Pebble From Waterfall. Also used in Roving Elves. Talk to Golrie in jail in dungeon in Tree Gnome maze.
Glarial's Urn From Waterfall. Search Glarial's tomb.
Golden Bowl Used to make Holy Water to fight demons
Golden Hammer From Diango in Draynor.
Pigeon Cage Ardougne: In garden behind Jerico's house, just S of N bank
Rat Poison Clock Tower Dungeon (S of Ardougne, near the river.) Use the ladders S of the tower. Follow the path to the central area; take the NW door (white tile). Go NE to the end of the path. Not needed after both quests have been completed.
Sin'Keth's Diary What Lies Below. From Varrock Palace Library
Skavid Map Watchtower. To access Skavid cave in Gu''Tanoth w/...
Sketch Have in inv when using gold on anvil to make Golden Bowl
Slashed Book See Battered Key
Stone Bowl See Battered Key
Trading Sticks
Location of NPCs to collect from
- Jagbakoba: S of fenced area, near the fires.
- Fanellaman: Along W coast, by the rowboat, near N end of vlg.
- Rionasta: Near bldg closest to coast, SE from Fanellaman.
- Safta Doc: Near bldg w/ anvil, just NE of Rionasta.
- Karaday: SE of Safa Doc, just N of fenced area.
- Murcaily: E of Karaday, near gate to Hardwood Grove.
- Gabooty: Middle of fenced area.
- Sharimika: Fenced area: upstairs N bldg.
- Layleen: Bldg W from Sharimika, across the bridge.
- Mamma Bufetta: Down the ladder from Sharimika


A Key
Tree Gnome Vlg Dungeon: In crate in storeroom NE of entrance. Opens door to Golrie's cell NW of entrance. Easy to get when needed so no advantage to keep in bank. Can not be stored on Steel key ring.
A Key Waterfall Dungeon: Search crate in E chamber. Opens door in W chamber (between 4 & 5 on map) & next door N (between 5 & 6 on map). Spawns in chamber between these doors, allowing return if key is lost. Not needed after Roving Elves.
Ancestral Key Spirits of the Elid. Opens the door in the Water Ravine Dungeon. You must also wear the Robes of Elidinis (See Destroyed Items). There's nothing to do there after the quest.
Battered Key
(Drop or
use Key Ring)
Elemental Workshop. Allows entry to the Elemental Workshop under building with anvils in Seers' Village. Replace by using knife on Battered book found in house across the road from the anvils.
Brass Key
(Use Key Ring)
Shortcut into Edgeville Dungeon to fight Hill Giants. Key spawns in room near ladder when you use the key. If using Edgeville entrance, follow the corridor past all the hostiles (non-hostile at higher CB level).
Giant Key Dropped by Hill Giants. Can be used one time to enter Obor's Lair in Edgeville dungeon and attempt to defeat Obor
Key Biohazard quest
Maze Key Dragon Slayer. Melzar's Maze, NW of Rimmington, S of Crafting Guild / Falador.
Metal Key
(Used with the Wrought Iron Key
and Slave Robes)
The Tourist Trap. Allows access to the Desert Mining Camp. Recover by killing the Mercenary Capt at the entrance to the camp. Can be placed on the Key Ring but is essentially useless and can be discarded.
* Once in the camp, you must wear the Slave Robes, then enter the mines, then ride the cart, then use the Wrought Iron Key to access the NW tunnel with Mithril & Adamant.
Shiny Key Temple of Ikov. Use to open the shed in McGruber's Wood and enter the Temple of Ikov dungeon to fight Lesser Demons and Skeletons. Can be placed on the key ring.
A Small Key Plague City quest
Wrought Iron Key The Tourist Trap. Can be placed on the Key Ring but is essentially useless. See "Metal Key" for details. Recover by searching the captain's desk in the Desert Mining Camp.

QUEST & ACTIVITY ITEMS: Destroyed / Dropped

Armadyl Pendant
Temple of Ikov
Temple of Ikov dungeon: Guardians of Armadyl Use for protection against followers of Armadyl in the God Wars Dungeon.
Bear Head
Mountain Daughter
Mountain Camp: Hamal The Chieftain +7 Magic Def
Blessed Axe
Animal Magnetism
Burthorpe: Slayer Master Turael (See notes) Chop undead trees at Draynor Manor. Can also damages vampires (silver blade). You'll need to trade a Mithril Axe & Holy Symbol to get a replacement.
Blessed Golden Bowl
See notes
Kharazi Jungle: Gujuo Use 2 Gold Bars to make on an anvil. Use the Bull Roarer in the Kharazi Jungle to summon Gujuo to bless the bowl. Fill with water at the water pool, then fill vials to throw at demons to weaken them.
Book of Balance
Horror From The Deep
Lighthouse: Jossik Worn in shield slot. +4 all Atk stats & +5 Prayer but at the cost of reducing all shield Def bonuses to only +4.
Bone Spear: Dropped by Cave Goblin Guards Dorgesh-Kaan mine weapon shop: Nardok Used in some Treasure Trail emote clues. The only one-handed spear.
Bull Roarer: Legends Quest Outside Shilo Vlg: Any Forester Use to summon Gujuo in the Kharazi Jungle to turn Golden Bowls into Blessed Golden Bowls, which are used to make Holy Water to fight demons. To replace, purchase from any Forester outside the jungle. Cost is a Cooked Oomlie Wrap.
Catspeak Amulet
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Sophanem: Sphinx Needed for Ratcatchers, A Tale of Two Cats, and Dragon Slayer II. Must have a cat following you to get a replacement. During Dragon Slayer II, you gain the ability to speak to cats w/o the amulet.
Crystal Saw
The Eyes of Glouphrie
Tree Gnome Stronghold: Brimstail Destroy when allowing membership to expire. Brimstail is in the cave in the SW corner of the Stronghold, W of the Slayer Cave (Look for the quest exclamation on the minimap).
Dwarf Multicannon
Dwarf Cannon
S of Ice Mtn: Nulodion  
Merlin's Crystal
Taverley: Lady of the Lake (500 gp) Also used in Holy Grail.
Falador Shield
Falador Diary
Falador Castle courtyard: Sir Rebral Shield 1 provides 25% Prayer restore once per day. Shield 2 provides 50%; Shield 3, 100%.
Fossil Isl Note Book
Bone Voyage
Fossil Island: Fossil Collector Documents findings on the island
Gas Mask
Plague City
Ardougne: Edmond's house, in cupboard Prevents damage in the Smokey Well and while mining sulphur in Great Kourend.
Gnome Amulet
Tree Gnome Village
Near Spirit Tree: King Bolren +13 Melee Def.
Holy Wrench
Rum Deal
Braindeath Island: Davey Restores additional 2% Prayer points when drinking a restore potion. At lv 99, will restore an extra 2 points, so it's rather useless unless you're consuming a full inventory of potions.
Impling Scroll
Impetuous Impulses
Puro-Puro (Zanaris): Elnock Inquisitor Shows how many of each kind of Impling has been caught and is in possession.
My Notes
Barbarian Training
Otto's Grotto: Otto Godblessed Add 26 pgs from rummaging bone piles in the Ancient Cavern or fighting Skeletons there.
Olaf's Quest
Brine Rat Cavern: Sven's Chest The treasure mentioned is currently unavailable. To replace, search chest at shipwreck in Brine Rat Cavern.
Pendent of Lucien
Temple of Ikov
Ardougne pub: Lucien In Temple of Ikov dungeon, gives access to N door in main chamber, which only contains skeletons.
Can also be recovered (at 70 Agility) by picking Movario's pocket (Dorgesh-Kaan South Caves Agility Dungeon)
Pet Rock
Fremennik Trials
Relekka: Askeladden Needed to access deeper levels of Waterbirth Island Dungeon (Substitutes as a player helper to trigger the double floor switches).
Ring of Visibility
Desert Treasure
Near Shadow Dungeon entrance: Rosolo After completing Desert Treasure, Curse of the Empty Lord, and The General's Shadow, its only use is to see the Shaeded Beast in the Forthos Dungeon. Rosolo will replace on request.
Robe of Elidinis
Spirits of the Elid
Nardah Temple: Search the cupboard twice for torn top & bottom. Mend w/ Needle & Thread Go to the head of the desert river (SW from Desert Eagle). Use a rope on the tree above the river to enter the Water Ravine Dungeon. Wear the robes to open the doors. There's nothing to do here after the quest.
Silly Jester Costume
Fremennik Trials
Jatizso: Search the king's chest Each of the four pieces is +5 Magic; -5 Range
(The Boots are tied w/ Infinity Boots for 2nd highest Magic Def)
Slave Robes
The Tourist Trap
(Also requires the Metal Key & Wrought Iron Key. All are essentially useless)
See notes Use to enter the mines. They do not provide protection from the heat outside the camp. Recover by trading Desert Robes to the Male Slave along E wall (when no guard is near) or as a drop from Rowdy Slaves (wearing weapons or armor will make the guards aggressive).
Troll Romance
Burthorpe: Trade w/ Dunstan for Maple Log, Rope, & Iron Bar. Required for two elite clue scrolls. Use Swamp Tar on a Bucket of Wax & Cake Tin, then apply the wax.
Snake Charm
The Feud
Pollnivneach: Ali the Snake Charmer Used in Ratchatchers quest and Pyramid Plunder mini-game.
Soul Bearer
Bear Your Soul
Dig in Arceuus church crypt (E of Library) for Damaged Soul Bearer Key Master in Cerberus Lair will repair it. Sends ensouled heads to bank at cost of 1 charge (1 Blood rune & 1 Soul rune). Holds max of 1000 charges.
Tarn's Diary
Lair of Tarn Razorlor
POH Bookcase or Tarn's Lair Enchants the Salve Amulet to provide 20% boost to Strength & Attack when fighting the Undead.

HERBLORE: Common Potions

POTION 1st Ingredient 2nd Ingredient NOTES
1: Attack
After lv 36, only make Combat Pots.
After lv 36, clean & discard.
Eye of Newt
Also needed for Super Atk
Raises Atk 10% + 3. Purchase Eye of Newt in Taverley
7: Strength
After lv 36, only make Combat Pots.
After lv 36, clean & discard.
Also needed for Super Strength
Raises Str 10% + 3. Limpwurt from Hill Giants (Edgeville Dungeon); Hobgoblins (Hobgoblin Peninsula W of Crafting Guild). Only make enough for immediate training.
13: Anti-PoisonMarrentillUnicorn Horn Dust
Also needed for Super Anti-P but it is still practical to make normal Anti-P
Cures poison and provides 90 seconds immunity. Two Unicorns W of Catherby. Two outside SE corner of Varrock. Two in pen at Ardougne Zoo (Fairy Ring BIS)
22: Restore
Only make enough for immediate needs
Better to use for Energy & Combat Pots
Red Spider Egg Spider eggs in Karamja volcano dungeon. You can restore all stats by entering the Free-for-all portal at Clan Wars.
22: Compost
Don't make. Use Pineapples to make Supercompost
Better to use for Energy & Combat Pots
Volcanic Ash
Better to use on a bin of Supercompost to make Ultracompost
When Compost Potion is used on a full bin of Compost, it converts to Supercompost. Adding 25 Volcanic Ash to the bin converts Supercompost to Ultracompost.
26: Energy
At lv 52, make Super Energy
Also used for Combat Pots
Chocolate Dust Recover 10% run energy. Chocolate Bar spawn in Cook's Guild and in Zanaris by range.
30: Defence
Don't make. Purchase.
Use for Prayer Pots
White Berries
Use for Super Defence
Raise Def 10% + 3. Buy at Warrior Guild for 144 gp. Save Ranarr for Prayer Pots.
34: AgilityToadflaxToad Leg Swamp Toads: Tree Gnome Stronghold & Taverley Lake.
36: Combat
At lv 45, make Super Atk. At lv 55, make Super Strength
Also used for Energy Pots
Goat Horn Dust Raises Atk & Str 10% + 3. Goats & Billy Goats (lv 23 & 33) in desert. From Fairy Ring BIQ, go W to palm trees along the coast (run past the Wolves & Ugthanki). Take 1 or 2 Water Bags (several cactus in the area).
38: Prayer
RanarrSnape Grass Restores Prayer 25% + 7. Snape Grass from Hobgoblin Peninsula W of Crafting Guild. Ranarr from Moss Giants, Chaos Druids.
39: Tarromin TarTarrominSwamp Tar Swamp Tar spawns in Lumbridge Swamp
40: SummonSpirit WeedCockatrice Egg  
45: Super AttackIritEye of Newt Raises Atk 15% + 5. Purchase Eye of Newt in Taverley
48: Super AntiPoison
(1-dose vial spawns in hut NE of Observatory)
Also needed for Super Atk
Unicorn Horn Dust Cures poison and provides 6 min immunity. Unicorns at Catherby and Fairy Ring BIS. Only make if you'll be poisoned repeatedly; otherwise use normal AntiP.
50: FishingAvantoeSnape Grass Raises Fishing 3 lv, dropping 1 lv/min.
52: Super EnergyAvantoeMort Myre Fungi Recover 20% run energy.
55: Super StrengthKwuarmLimpwurt Raises Str 15% + 5.
57: Magic EssenceStarflowerGorak Claw Raises Magic 3 lv
60: Weapon PoisonKwuarm
Also needed for Super Strength
Dragon Scale Dust  
63: Super RestoreSnapdragonRed Spider Egg  
66: Super DefenceCadantineWhite Berries Raises Def 15% + 5. White Berries spawn in Isafdar. Grow w/ 59 Farming.
68: Extra-Strong Anti-PoisonToadflaxYew Roots  
69: Anti-FireLantadymeBlue Dragon Scale  
73: Extra-Strong Weapon Poison+Cactus SpineRed Spider Egg  
76: Super-MagicLantadymePotato Cactus  
77: StaminaSuper Energy PotionAmylase Crystal
1 crystal per dose
Recover 20% run energy and reduces depletion rate by 70% for 2 min.
78: Zamorak BrewTorstolJangerberries Raise Atk 20% + 2; Str 12% + 2. Lower Def 10% + 2; remaining HP 12%. Restore 10% Prayer.
79: Anti-Poison++IritMagic Roots  
81: Saradomin BrewToadflaxCrushed Bird Nest Raise Def 20% + 2; HP 15% + 2. Lower Atk, Str, Magic, & Range 10% + 2.
82: Weapon P++NightshadePoison Ivy Berry  
85: Super Anti-FireAnti-Fire PotionPhoenix Feather  
90: Super CombatTorstolSuper Atk Pot
Super Str Pot
Super Def Pot
Combines the effects of the three super potions. Only advantage is saving inventory space.
94: Super PrayerPrayer PotionWyvern Bone  

FOOD: Most practical food relative to healing, skill level, and requirement to make or obtain

Potato w/ Tuna & Sweetcorn *
(Best option for difficult bosses)
Highest healing, single-bite food (Other foods heal as much but have significant limitations).
Add Butter to a Baked Potato to create a Potato w/ Butter.
With a knife & bowl in inventory, use either on (cooked) Tuna to create a bowl of Chopped Tuna.
Add Cooked Sweetcorn to the Chopped Tuna to create Tuna & Corn.
Add the Tuna/Corn mix to the Buttered Potato (This step requires 68 Cooking).
Pineapple Pizza *
(Much easier to make than Tuna Taters)
11 x 2 Requires 65 Cooking. Highest healing 2-bite food. Add a Tomato to Pizza Dough, add Cheese, then cook. Add Pineapple Rings to the cooked Plain Pizza. (NOTE: You can also use Pineapple Chunks but slicing yields four rings while dicing only yields one serving of chunks.)
Summer Pie *
(Best option when running extensively or when facing agility obstacles)
11 x 2 Requires 95 Cooking. Highest healing 2-bite food. In addition to 11 HP, each half provides +5 Agility (doesn't stack) and restores 10% energy. Add to a Pie Dish: Pastry Dough, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cooking Apple. Then bake.
Shark * 20 Doesn't heal as much as Tuna Taters and requires 76 Fishing & 80 Cooking. Brine Rats drop a lot of them, noted.
Anchovy Pizza 9 x 2 Highest healing non-member food. Add a Tomato to Pizza Dough, add Cheese, then cook. Add cooked Anchovies to the cooked Plain Pizza.
Monkfish *
(Best option for training on higher level opponents)
16 Fished only in Piscatoris (Fairy Ring AKQ) after Swan Song using a Small Net. Requires 62 Fishing & Cooking.
Potato w/ Cheese *
(and Egg Potato)
16 Add Cheese to a Buttered Potato. Easy to make at zero cost but don't stock up more than your immediate needs. Save the Buttered Potatoes to make Tuna Taters. (For Egg Potato, add an Egg and Tomato to a Buttered Potato.)
Chocolate Cake
5 x 3 Consumed in three bites. Steal Cake from Bakery Stall, then use a Chocolate Bar on it. This is the best option for mid-lv training until meeting the requirements to obtain Monkfish.
Swordfish 14 Caught along with Tuna. Use the Swordfish for immediate needs and save the Tuna to make Tuna Taters
(Requires 50 Fishing & 45 Cooking. You'll burn them until 86 Cooking).
Potato w/ Butter * 14 Add Butter to a Baked Potato. Easy to make for zero cost but it's better to use Swordfish. Then, at lv 47, make Potato w/ Cheese. At lv 68, make Tuna Taters.
Apple Pie 7 x 2 Pies are consumed in two bites. Can be made at low level for zero cost
Lobster 12 Better option than pie or cake once lv 40 Fishing & Cooking are attained. Best choice for training as non-member.
Meat Pie 6 x 2 Pies are consumed in two bites. Easy to make at low level for zero cost
Cake 4 x 3 Consumed in three bites. Steal from Bakery Stall in Ardougne (5 Thieving). Add a Chocolate Bar to it to make Chocolate Cake (which heals 5x3 HP)

COMMON WEAPONS: Most practical & versatile

Dragon is the best (affordable & non-degradable) choice for members. Rune is usually the best option for non-members. Adding poison to a Rune Dagger will make it member. All halberds, spears, hastae, and claws are member, even Rune. Weapons that degrade or have excessive cost are not included here.

ST = Stab. SL = Slash. CR = Crush. M = Magic. R = Range (Red = Atk bonus. Green = Def bonus).
S = Strength. RS = Ranged Strength. MD = Magic Damage (%). P = Prayer. Spd = Speed. (Magenta. Lower number is faster.)

Rune Dagger* 2512-410 00010 400004 All poisoned weapons are member only
D Dagger 4025-410 00010 400004 Scimitar is just as fast but stronger
Rune Long 3847-200 03200 490005
D Long 5869-200 03200 710005
Rune Scim 745-200 01000 660004
D Scim 867-200 01000 660004
Rune 2h Sword -46950-40 0000-1 700007 The one-handed Leaf-bladed Battleaxe is faster.
D 2h Sword -49280-40 0000-1 930007
Rune Halberd* 48 67 0 -4 0 -1 4 5 0 0 68 0 0 0 7 All halberds are member only
D Halberd 70 95 0 -4 0 -1 4 5 0 0 89 0 0 0 7
Rune Mace 20-23900 00000 360045
D Mace 40-26000 00000 550055
Rune Battleaxe -2484300 0000-1 640006
D Battleaxe -2706500 0000-1 850006 Leaf-bladed Battleaxe is better.
Leaf-bladed Battleaxe -2727200 0000-1 920005
Rune Warhammer -4-453-40 00000 480006 50m gp
Rune Spear* 36363600 11000 420005 All spears are member only
D Spear 55555500 55555 600005
Rune Hasta* 36363600 -10-10-90-10 420005 All hastae are member only
D Hasta 55555500 -15-15-120-15 600005
Rune Claws* 2638-400 1326700 560004 All claws are member only
D Claws 4157-400 1326700 560004 70m gp
Rune Axe -2383200 01000 290005
D Axe -2383200 01000 420005
Rune Pickaxe 26-22400 01000 29000
D Pickaxe 38-23200 01000 420005 6m gp
Hill Giant Club -45065-40 0000-1 700007 Best F2P option for Crush weapon.
Abyssal Whip 082000 00000 820004

TRAINING: Melee / Range / Magic / Slayer / Prayer

Some opponents become non-aggressive after a while. Simply walk a short distance away, then return.

Hill Giants Melee / Range Lv 28. 35 HP. Edgeville Dungeon. Low Def. Become non-aggressive at lv 57.
Ogres Range
(Melee w/ halberd)
Lv 53. 63 HP. In cage at Combat Training Camp NW of Ardougne. Uncaged ones in Feldip (Fairy Ring AKS), on the island W of Yanille, in the Chaos Druid Tower basement, and Clock Tower Dungeon.
Chaos Druid Melee / Range Lv 13. 20 HP. Edgeville Dungeon. Drops herbs, Runes, Mithril Bolts.

To train Magic using combat, use any of the options above, especially those listed for Ranging. Starting at lv 21, Magic is most efficiently trained using non-combat spells from the list below.
* Lv 1: Elemental Strike spells: 5-11 xp
* Lv 7: Lv 1 Enchant: 17 xp
* Lv 21: Low Level Alchemy: 31 xp (Typically comes at a cost but is worth it)
* Lv 27: Lv 2 Enchant: 37 xp
* Lv 43: Superheat Item: 53 xp (Best option until lv 55)
* Lv 49: Lv 3 Enchant: 59 xp
* Lv 55: High Level Alchemy: 65 xp (Most practical & profitable option to reach lv 99)
* Lv 57: Lv 4 Enchant: 67 xp

There is no fundamental distinction between Slayer and standard combat. Slayer simply imposes additional restrictions on the process. You must defeat the assigned opponent for the assigned quota, which may require purchasing special equipment or traveling to specific locations, which may include the Wilderness.

There are three reasons to train Slayer:
- For the drops and rewards obtained from defeating certain monsters that are only unlocked through Slayer assignments. This only becomes profitable at higher Slayer levels, which takes a long time to achieve.
- To accumulate Slayer XP in order to complete the requirements necessary to do certain quests. Slayer XP and combat XP (Atk, Str, Def, HP) are earned simultaneously. (NOTE: Level 69 is required for Monkey Madness II. You can complete all other quests with level 42 or lower. You can get to level 30 or 40 without completing any assignments. See the section under "Training: Skills" for "Lowest Level Skill.")
- To accumulate Slayer "currency" (reward points) that can be exchanged for items or to unlock benefits. Since most rewards are only used within the context of Slayer activities, it is pointless to strive for them unless you already want to do Slayer for other reasons. One notable exception is the Herb Sack, which costs 750 points (The Slayer Helmet, Rune Pouch, and Slayer Ring are not have benefits but are not worth the high cost of points.).
TIPS: Earning Reward Points:
- No reward points are awarded for the first four tasks of a streak and Turael never awards points.
- If you get a tough assignment and use Turael to get an easier task, your streak resets to zero, so keep track of how many tasks you've completed in a streak and from which Slayer Master.
- Points are only awarded at the completion of the entire task, not after each battle. (Slayer XP is awarded after each battle. Combat XP is awarded normally, as damage is done.)
- Tasks from higher level Slayer Masters earn more reward points but because of higher quotas and tougher battles, they take much longer to complete. Reward points are earned faster using lower level assignments. Note that although lower level assignments earn reward points faster, they earn Slayer XP and combat XP more slowly.
- Bonus points are awarded every 10th task in a streak. To earn reward points fastest, use Mazchna for nine tasks, then switch to Vannaka for every 10th task. Return to Mazchna for the next nine tasks and repeat the process. Remember that if you end a streak by asking for a new assignment from Turael, your streak resets to zero.

If buying bones, always bank them rather than burying them right away (Always buy Big Bones or better). Complete Priest in Peril to gain access to Morytania, Complete The Restless Ghost to earn the Ghostspeak Amulet. Complete Ghosts Ahoy to acquire the Ectophial and to gain free access to Port Phasmatys. Then worship at the Ectofunctus to earn 4x the Prayer XP per bones processed. It's very slow but can save you millions of gp.

NOTE: Processing bones at a gilded altar in a POH is faster but requires a very high Construction level (or access to someone's house) and earns less XP.


Acquiring herbs to train Herblore can be difficult, while buying them is expensive. Obtaining seeds is affordable but growing enough to gain levels can take months. There is a simple solution:

  • OPTION 1: Buy herbs, make potions, then sell the potions at a profit, repeat. This plan works well once you have a high enough level to make profitable potions but be sure to check all cost and resell prices before committing to this method.
  • OPTION 2: Sometimes the herb has greater value than the potion you make with it. In this case, buy grimy herbs, clean them, then sell the clean herb back. You can usually find herbs that cost more when clean, so you can recover 100% of your costs in addition to earning the XP. Although the XP earned for each herb is low, you can clean thousands of them in a short time, earning more XP than making potions.

Start by picking pockets. At lv 5, steal Cake from the stall in Ardougne. This goes very fast -- you'll quickly acquire more than you need for your own use -- and they sell very fast. At lv 25, steal from the Fruit Stall in Hosidius. At lv 26, steal Nature runes from the chest in Ardougne (Pick the lock to enter the building in the SE corner of the market). At lv 38, pick the Master Farmer's pocket.

At lv 1-16, catch birds in Feldip. At lv 17-26, catch Implings in Zanaris (See "Impetuous Impulses" below. At lv 17, box trap Ferrets in the Piscatoris Woodlands. At lv 53, box trap Chinchompas (just N of where you trap ferrets).

HUNTER: Impetuous Impulses (Mini–game)
At lv 17-27, an easy way to train is at the maze in Zanaris.
There are two elements to catching implings within the maze: First you need to locate an impling appropriate to your level, then you must catch it before it flies across a barrier. This can be frustrating at a low Hunter level but, once you know the trick, it is very easy.

  • STEP 1: First, head to the outermost ring. This area limits the implings options for escape. If you try to catch one on a hedge along the wall, it will get stuck there. If it moves left or right, you will move with it, keeping it trapped. That solves one of the problems.
  • STEP 2: To catch an impling appropriate to your level, try to locate the spawning area, then remain there (See below for locations). When an impling spawns, nab it before it flies away, then wait for the next one to spawn.
  • STEP 3: While waiting for one to spawn, observe the other implings flying around, as you normally would. There will likely be an abundance of implings that match the spawning location. So you'll tend to see a lot of Young implings flying around the area where the Young spawn.
  • STEP 4: Stock up on jars: Catch enough implings to fill your jars. Trade them all in for more jars. Repeat this until you have enough jars to fill your inventory but be sure to leave two inventory slots open. You'll need them.
  • STEP 5: Catch – Loot – Drop – Catch – Repeat. Once you're in position, catch an impling, loot the jar, drop the loot, catch another. Keep repeating this process (This is why you need open inventory slots; so you can loot the jars). Don't bother saving any of the loot unless you get a rare item really worth keeping. Just keep catching, looting, and dropping.
  • STEP 6: As your jars disappear, you'll need to periodically replace them. When you are down to 8-10 jars, stop looting. Fill all jars, then go replenish your supply, filling your inventory but leaving two slots open. Then return to the spawning area.

Only low level implings have static spawns. Higher level implings have dynamic spawns. But at higher levels you won't have to be so selective. Also, you'll be able to catch implings barehanded in areas around RuneScape.

  • BABY: In the outer ring, go to the southeast corner. They spawn right in the corner. They spawn very quickly so you'll get your level up fast and graduate to the Young.
  • YOUNG: In the outer ring, go to the north wall and check around the center of the path. Notice the pattern of stones on the wall. Some of the stones touch the hedge. If you start at the NW corner and count those stones, the spawning spot is around the fourth stone in.

Following the plan above, you won't have to deal with searching for the implings you want. You won't have to chase them down. You won't have to be constantly pushing through the wheat (except to return to the center to replace lost jars).

Once your Hunter skill is at level 27, you can graduate to more effective methods. At level 27, you can do the Eagles' Peak quest (Use a Spicy Stew or Hunter Potion to do it sooner). This quest should bump your level to 29. Catch Ferrets and other critters until you can catch higher level implings barehanded.

You can speed up the training of some skills by buying supplies on the Grand Exchange.
- You can buy Big Bones for Prayer (or scavange drops from people fighting Hill Giants in Edgeville dungeon).
- Buy logs for Firemaking and Fletching (At xx Fletching, sell unstrung Yew Longbows to recover the cost of logs used in Fletching).
- Buy ores to smelt for Smithing, then craft Gold Bracelets to alch to recover your cost.
- For Crafting, either buy sand and seaweed to make glass, or just buy the glass, then make vials, which can be used to train Herblore.
- Or (for Crafting) buy gold, which you can craft into Gold Bracelets and then alch to recover your cost.

SERIES SKILLS: Mining > Smithing > Crafting > Magic
Some skills can be performed in series. Mine Gold Ore for Mining xp, then smelt the ore for Smithing xp. Make Gold Bracelets from the bars to earn Crafting xp, then alch the bracelets to earn Magic xp. You'll recover the cost of the Nature runes (if you purchased them) and earn a small profit. This plan works best when you have access to the Fairy Rings and have partial completion of the Holy Grail quest. You can then use the Brimhaven mine (10 gold rocks) via the Fisher Realm (Fairy Ring BJR) and bank at Zanaris.
NOTE: Gold Necklaces will alch for slightly more gp than bracelets but you'll have to buy or make Balls of Wool. If buying them, use Neitiznot Supplies, not the G.E.

Except for quests, some skills have few options for training other than just doing the tasks. Even so, you still have some options to make more efficient use of your time:
- For Agility, do only the rooftop courses as soon as you are able to do so. Collect Marks of Grace to buy the Graceful outfit, which is well worth the effort.
- When Woodcutting, take a knife to make arrow shafts, which will train Fletching while saving trips to the bank. This is best done at low levels, since all types of tress make the same shafts. Or take a tinderbox to burn the logs, which trains Firemaking while saving trips to the bank.
- As soon as you have 30 Mining, start using the Motherlode Mine to mine coal. You'll never have enough coal so consider buying all your other ores.

Even though you must do the actual tasks, you can combine some tasks for greater efficiency. Go to Catherby and plant some crops, then go to the water and fish. Watch a movie while fishing. When your inventory is full, cook the fish, then check on your crops. Repeat.

Construction is a special case. While you can speed up the training for many skills by purchasing supplies, you can do most of that training without spending any gp at all, provided you're willing to invest the time instead. With Construction, you have no option. There is simply no way to train Construction without time and expense. Enormous expense. There are no shortcuts. If you can't afford the materials but want the levels, consider assigning Construction as your Lowest Level Skill (See below).

Consider carefully which skill you least want to train, then be diligent about doing Tears of Guthix every week without fail. It won't take long to get that skill into the 40s or 50s without doing any training at all. Keep an eye on your other skill levels and be sure to keep their levels higher than your chosen LLS. You don't want Tears XP going to a skill that is easy to train by normal methods.

OPTIONAL XP REWARDS (from Books, Lamps, Quests, Etc.)
Consider carefully which skill(s) you want to train most. Apply optional XP from Books of Knowledge (Surprise Exam random event), Genie lamps, quest tomes, etc. to your chosen skill.
- Resist the tempation to apply optional XP to a skill jus to get it to a level where you can complete a quest or wear certain armor, wield a weapon, etc. Spreading optional XP too thin is inefficient. Be patient and do the actual task when you are able. Apply optional XP only to skills that are very expensive (like Construction) or time-consuming (Runecraft, Farming), or difficult (Slayer), or that you just can't stand to do.
- When earning favor in Kourend, finding books in the Arceuus Library earns a Book of Arcane Knowledge. Your only choice is to apply it to Magic or Runecraft but, even if this isn't your favorite skill, it's still useful so think ahead and choose the same one every time.

TRAINING: Earning Money

How you earn gp depends on your personal objectives and how you prefer to play the game. What works for one person won't work for another. What works at a certain level is impractical at a higher level. Find the way that you are comfortable with for your current needs. Listed below are a few examples.

  • PLAYER KILLING: PKing is probably the most popular way to earn the most gp at the fastest rate. The shortcoming to this method is that it comes with the highest risk of losing everything you take with you into the Wilderness.
  • THIEVING: Cake: At lv 5, you can steal Cake at the Ardougne Bakery Stall and sell it on the GE. You don't get much per cake but you can steal them very rapidly and they will sell instantly, providing enough to meet most of your low-cost needs. At lv 35, you can steal Grey Wolf Fur from the Fur Stall in Ardougne and, with the Ring of Charos, sell them to Baraek in Varrok for 150 gp, but by the time you can do this you'll have better options.
  • FISHING: Lobster: At lv 40, you can catch Lobster pretty quickly. It will sell as fast as you offer it.
  • MINING & SMITHING + CRAFTING + MAGIC: Alching: Alching drops from combat isn't profitable until you attain a high combat level. But at 40 Mining, you can mine Gold Ore, then smelt it into bars at 40 Smithing. You only need 7 Crafting to craft Gold Bracelets and then, at 55 Magic, use High Level Alchemy to alch the bracelets for 330 gp each. The full process takes time so you don't earn gp fast but you do earn XP in several skills.
  • WOODCUTTING & FLETCHING + MAGIC: Alching: At 60 WC you can cut Yews; then, at 65 Fletching, you can alch Yew Shortbows for 240 gp. At 70 Fletching, alch unstrung Yew Longbows for 384 gp. With 75 WC you can cut Magics and, at 80 Fletching, alch unstrung Magic shortbows for 480 gp. At 85 Fletching, alch unstrung Magic Longbows for 768 gp. The full process is slow but you earn XP in multiple skills. NOTE: Once you have the desired WC level, it is more practical to buy Yew logs and then sell your unstrung bows on the GE. You only break even on the cost but you gain Fletching levels much faster.
  • HUNTING: Chinchompas: At lv 53, you can box trap Chinchompas. They are fast and easy to catch, yet sell at a high price as fast as you offer them. You can earn 1m gp in a day.



Suggestions for inventory organization.

* New items that need to be sorted onto a permanent tab.
* Items to be sold or stored in POH.
* Items to be consumed in quests, activities, training, etc. (Clue scrolls, keys, books, or supplies that are not (often) needed after the activity.
Currency, Keys, TP, Companions
* Units of exchange: Coins, Ecto-tokens, Gold Nuggets, Marks of Grace, etc
* Keys, Lockpicks, Stethoscope, Ring of Charos, & anything used to gain or aid access to areas, objects, or events.
* Dramen Staff, TP Tablets, TP jewelry, Ectophial, Capes w/ TP options, etc.
* Cats and other followers
* Melee weapons & armor.
* Prayer enhancing outfits. Hunter & Slayer gear. Desert clothing. Special gear (e.g. H.A.M. outfit, Mourner outfit, Climbing Boots, etc).
* Melee accessories: Amulets, rings, bracelets, Holy Symbol. Enchanted Gem.
* Ranging weapons & armor.
* Ranging accessories: Amulets, Ava's Attractor, Grapple, etc.
* Mage gear, jewelry, & accessories. For example Ghostspeak, Silver Sickle (b), Druidic Spell, etc.
* Weight-reducing gear (e.g. Graceful, Boots of Lightness).
* Runes, Tiaras, Talismans, Staffs, etc.
* Potions, Herbs, secondary ingredients.
* Items akin to potions (e.g. Strange Fruit, level-boosting pie, Karambwanji, etc)
* Tools, hardware, tool-like devices, molds, crafting equipment etc. (E.g. Lamps, garden tools, construction tools, crafting tools).
* Jewelry with effects related to crafting, etc (E.g. Ring of Forging).
* Hunting & Fishing equipment
* Consumable supplies from (or for) Mining & Smithing, Woodcuttong & Firemaking, Crafting & Construction. E.g. Ores & bars, logs, gems, fossils for Varrock Museum, etc.
Food & Farm
* Food, harvested crops.
* Farming supplies & accessories (e.g. Compost, seeds, Amulet of Nature, Compost Potion, Plant Cure, Plant Pots, Baskets, Sacks, Scarecrow. etc.
* Cooking supplies (e.g. Bowls, Pie Dishes, Pots. Cups, etc).

NOTES: Member Items

Member items that need attention before allowing membership to expire.
- Convert valuable armor to sets at Grand Exchange or store in POH if possible.
- Store seeds in Seed Vault.
- Use consumables for training or sell or drop.
- Minimize items to be retained. For example discard "duplicates" that don't stack (Partial doses of potions, variations of armor, etc).
- Release all placeholders for member items.
- First tend to items that are needed the least or most easily re-acquired. Once 20-30 slots have been opened, it may be possible to retain other items on the list below. As a non-member, only a few empty slots will be needed, since no quests will be completed and no slots will need to be permanently assigned for new items.

* Items in current use for quests, activities, training, etc. Items not (often) needed after the activity is completed. Consume, drop, sell, or move to a permanent tab, as indicated by value & ease of obtaining.
- Marks of Grace: Retain. Earn through training Agility on rooftop courses. Use to purchase Graceful outfit.
- Ecto-tokens: Trade for Ale Yeast, then sell the yeast. Up to 1000 may be stored with the Ghost Disciple at the Ectofuntus (by sacrificing 200 bones).
- Golden Nuggets: Exchange 100 for Gem Bag or Coal Bag. Earned by mining in Motherlode Mine.
- Numulite: Sell. Receive from various activities on Fossil Island. Use for various activities.
- Trading Sticks: Sell. Earned from TBW Cleanup. Used as currency in TBW.
- Ring Of Charos: Drop. Pick Dr. Fenkenstrain's pocket.
- Brass Key: Drop (if a duplicate) or place on Key Ring. Spawns in Edgeville Dungeon. Used for shortcut t Hill Giants.
- Lockpick: Sell. Buy from Martin Thwait in Rogues' Den.
- Magic Whistle: Drop. Spawns near Fairy Ring BJR.
- Destroyable TP items: Check for items that can be destroyed (e.g. Kharedst's Memoirs).
- Jewelry w/ TP options: Drop/Sell any member jewelry w/ partial TP charge. Recharge Glorys so all have either 4 or 6 charges.
- Seal of Passage: Destroy. Recover from Brundt in Rellekka. Needed in Dream Mentor and to speak to Lunar Isle NPCs
- Camulet: Drop. Recover from Lazim at Enakhra's Temple entrance (S of Bandit Camp, W of Pyramid). Used to TP to the temple .
- Ugthanki Dung: Drop. Easy to collect at camel pen in Pollneavich. Take Red Hot Sauce, Buckets, Spade, & Gloves
- Red Hot Sauce: Drop. Buy for 1 gp from Kebab shop (Pollnivneach). Used to get dung to recharge Camulet.
- Teleport Crystal / Tiny Elf Crystal: Drop. Dropped by Elf Warriors (Lletya). Eluned will give it 3 charges for 150 gp
- Salve Amulet: Drop. Use chisel on Crystal Outcrop (Abandoned Mine); then use w/ Ball of Wool. +15% Atk/Str against undead.
- Book of Balance: Drop. Recover from Jossik at the Lighthouse. Worn in shield slot. +5 Prayer has only +4.Def
- Ring of Visibility: Drop. Recover from Rosolo (by Shadow Dungeon W of Fishing Guild; NW of Moss Giants).
- Proselyte Harness: Store in Armour Case (Sallet: Helm. Hauberk: Platebody. Tasset: Plateskirt). Full set = +18 Prayer
- Mourner Gear: Store in Armour Case (6 pcs). Replace by fighting lv 11 Mourners at Arandar entrance to Prifddinas (Cb stats & HP will be reduced to lv 20). Or fight lv 108 Mourners in Mourner HQ. Needed for Mournings Ends Pt 2.
- Dwarven Helmet: Retain. Costs 60k to replace. Best in slot for Crush bonus.
- Climbing Boots: Sell. Buy from Tenzing for 12 gp.
- Klank's Gauntlets: Drop. Cost 5k to replace. Steel (Goldsmith) Gauntlets (from Family Crest) can be replaced for free
- Desert Shirt / Robe / Boots. Sell. Buy from Shantay and other desert stores.
- Waterskins: Sell. Buy from Shantay and other desert stores.
- Ice Gloves: Drop. Dropped by Ice Queen (White Wolf Mtn). Used at the Blast Furnace but not much else after quests.
- Rune Dagger(p++): Clean. Unpoisoned dagger is non-member.
- Rune Halberd: Sell. All halberds are member only.
- Rune Spear: Sell. All spears are member only.
- Darklight: Drop. Buy for 1k from Sir Prysin (Varrock Pallace). Effective against vampyres (made of silver).
- Gadderhammer: Sell. Buy for 3k a Burgh de Rott general store. Deals extra damage against Shades.
- Ancient Mace: Sell. Buy for 1k from Tegdak (NE of Dorgesh-Kaan marketplace). Drains opponent's Prayer & adds it to your Prayer.
- Barrelchest Anchor (broken): Drop. Recover from Brother Tranquility (Mos Le' Harmless, near docks). Costs 230k to repair.
- Slayer Equipment (Enchanted Gem, Slayer Gloves, Mirror Shield, Spiny Helmet, Earmuffs, Facemask, Nose Peg, Bug Lantern, Insulated Boots): Sell. Buy from Slayer Master
- UNPACK Green D'hide armor. Convert Black D'hide to SET.
- Yak-hide Armor (Top & Legs): Sell. Make w/ Cured Yak-Hides, Needle, and Thread.
- Fremennik Shield: Drop. Make from Arctic Pine.
- Comp Ogre Bow, Ogre Arrows: Use for training. Make from Achey Trees & Wolf Bones. Used in Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
- Arrows & Bolts: Mithril & Adamant: Use for training or sell.
- Cannonballs: Use for training or sell.
- Silver Sickle(b): Drop. Make with Silver Bar & Sickle Mould, then dipping in grotto water.
- Druid Pouch: Drop. Spawns in Nature Spirit Grotto. Used in Mort Myre Swamps to prevent Ghasts from rotting food
- Graceful Outfit: Store in Magic Wardrobe. Requires 260 Marks of Graces to replace, plus 90 Marks to color.
- Lunar Outfit: Store in Magic Wardrope. Buy from Oneiromancer (Lunar Isle) for 253k. Provides Magic & Melee Defense.
- Mystic Robes: Store in Magic Wardrobe. About 160k to buy on GE. NOTE: Wardrobe 3 only holds 3 sets (Wardrobe 4 requires 64>69 Const). If Ghostly Robes are owned, store Mystic in bank (Only the Mystic can be converted to a set).
- Ghostly Robes: Store in Magic Wardrobe. 150k gp to replace. NOTE: Aquired from Curse Of The Empty Lord (which earns 10 Kudos). If the miniquest is done before reaching 64 Construction and making Magic Wardrobe 4, the Mystic Robes will need to be stored in the bank as a set.
- Boots of Lightness: Drop. Spawn in cellar of Temple Of Ikov. Provides 4.5 kg weight reduction.
- Bear Head: Drop. Reclaim from Hamal The Chieftain (Mountain Camp). Has +7 Magic Def.
- Bull Roarer: Drop. Buy from Foresters outside Shilo Vlg for a Cooked Oomlie Wrap. Needed in creation of Blessed Golden Bowls.
- Blessed Golden Bowl: Drop. Make w/ Gold Bars; summon Gujuo w/ Bull Roarer to bless it. Use to make Holy Water to fight demons.
- Mystic Lava/Mud/Steam/Smoke/Mist/Dust Staff: Retain.
- Herbs: Make potions or unfinished potions where possible. Sell or discard low level herbs & 2nd ingredients.
- Potions: Sell member potions if never used or are easily obtained. Discard vials with fewer than four doses.
- Goldsmith Gauntlets: Destroy. Recover from Dimintheis (NE house in fenceced area of SE Varrock). Doubles xp from smelting gold.
- Brown Apron: Drop. Get from POH Tool Store. After Swan Song, Malignius Mortifer (SE of Crafting Guild) gives them.
- Fishbowl Helmet & Diving Apparatus: Drop. Recover from Murphy (Port Khazard). Wear in Fossil Island underwater area.
- Kandarin Headgear: Destroy. Recover from The Wedge (Camelot). Can't be accidentally extinguished.
- Mining Helmet: Sell. Dropped by Goblin Miners or buy from Miltog's Lamps (900 gp). Can't be accidentally extinguished.
- Sapphire Lantern: Sell. Make with Steel, Molten Glass, and Lamp Oil. Then replace the lens with a Sapphire.
- Magic Secateurs: Store w/ Tool Leprechaun.
- Watering Can, Rake, Trowel, Seed Dibber: Drop. Withdraw from POH Tool Store or buy from Farming Shops.
- Crystal Saw: Destroy. Recover from Brimstail (Tree Gnome Stronghold). +3 Constr when building items that require a saw & hammer.
- Rod Clay Mould: Drop. Used in creation of Silvrthril Rod > Rod of Ivandis > Ivandis Flail (Needed for A Taste of Hope).
- M'amulet Mould: Drop. Buy on Ape Atoll for 10gp. Used in creation of Monkeyspeak Amulet.
- Butterfly Net & Butterfly Jar: Sell. Buy at Hunter Shop (Yanille).
- Impling Jar: Sell. Trade Elnock Inquisitor one impling per jar
- Teasing Stick: Drop. Spawns near the Horned Graahks (near Fairy Ring CKR). Buy from Aleck's Hunter Emporium (Yanille).
- Box Traps: Sell. Buy from Aleck's Hunter Emporium (Yanille).
* Assorted: Use, sell, or drop as appropriate to value.
- Fossils: Use at museum.
- Ultracompost: Sell. 1k stored w/ Tool Leprechaun (Keep Pineapples to make more).
- Volcanic Ash: Sell. Quickly mined on Fossil Island. Turns Supercompost into Ultracompost.
- Seeds & Saplings: Store in Seed Locker (Farming Guild).
- Basket: Sell. Buy from garden supplier or weave on loom from Willow Branches.
- Plant Pots: Sell. Buy from farming shop or make with Soft Clay.
- Food (Recipe ingredients): Retain key items (Strawberry, Watermelon. Tomato, Chocolate, Flour, Milk, Potato, etc).
* Reserved. Or, miscellaneous items that don't properly fit on any other tab.

NOTES: Training Objectives


  • PRAYER: 15k Big Bones = L70:Piety.

QP / GUILDS: 32: Champions Guild. 55: Heroes Quest/Guild. 107: Legends Quest/Guild. 175: Recipe For Disaster. 200: Dragon Slayer II (Myths Guild).
COMBAT LV: 57: Hill Giants tolerant. 65: TBW Tribesmen tolerant. 79: Blessed Spiders (Underground Pass) tolerant.
ATTACK: 40: Rune Wep. Mystic Staves (w/ 40 Magic). 60: Dragon (Scimitar w/ Monkey Madness. Mace w/ Heroes' Quest. Axe w/ 60 WC. Armor w/ 60 Def. Halberd w/ Regicide & 30 Str). 65: Atk+Str=130: Warriors' Guild. 70 Abyssal Whip.
STRENGTH: 20: Rune Halberd (w/ 40 Atk). 30: Dragon Halberd (w/ 60 Atk).
DEFENSE: 40: Rune. Green D.Hide (w/ 40 Ranged). Maple/Yew/Magic Shield. 60: Red Dragon. 70: Crystal Shield (w/ 50 Def)
PRAYER: 22: Rapid Heal. 31: Monastery (Guild). 37: Protect Magic. 40: Protect Missiles. 43: Protect Melee. 70: Piety.
RANGED: 37: Cross river to Al Kharid. 40: Guild. Yew Bow. Green D.Hide (w/ 40 Def). 50: Magic Bow. Blue D'hide. 60: R D'hide. 61: Rune Cbow. 64: Dragon Cbow. 70 Crystal Bow (w/ Roving Elves). Black D'hide. Ava's Assembler (w/ Dragon Slayer II).
MAGIC: 21: Low Lv Alch. 27: Lv2 Enchant. 33: TK Grab. 35: Fire Bolt. 37: Fally TP. 39: Crumble Undead. 40: Wear Mystic. House TP. 43: Superheat. 45: Camelot TP. 49: Lv3 Enchant.. 51: Ardougne TP. 55: Hi-Lv Alch. 59: Recipe For Disaster. Fire Blast. 66: Guild. 68: Lv5 Enchant. 69: Kourend & Lunar Isle TP. 75: Fire Wave. Dragon Slayer II. 85: Fishing Guild TP. 87: Catherby TP.
STAFFS: MUD:Earth/Water. DUST:Earth/Air. LAVA:Earth/Fire. MIST:Water/Air: STEAM:Water/Fire. SMOKE:Air/Fire.
RUNECRAFT: 9: Earth. 14: Fire. Mind Multiple Mind. 20: Body. 27: Cosmic. 35: Chaos. 44: Nature. 50: Devious Minds. 54: Law.
MULTIPLE: 35: Fire x2. 38: Water x3. 42: Mind x4. 44: Air x5. 52: Earth x3. 55: Air x6. 56: Mind x5. Water x4. 59: Cosmic x2.
WOODCUTTING: 41: Rune Axe. 45: Maple.60: Guild (w/ 75% Hosidius favor). Yew. 61: Dragon Axe (w/ 60 Atk). 70: SOTE. 75: Magic.
FIREMAKING: 49. Tears of Guthix. 66: Making Friends With My Arm.
FISHING: 35:Harpoon 40:Lobster Pot. 65: TBW Trio (Only needed if you burn the Karambwan). 68: Guild & POH Portal. 76: Shark.
COOKING: 32: Guild. 39: Tater w/Butter. 47: Tater w/Cheese. 48: Cheese. 68: Tuna Tater. 70: Recipe For Disaster. 80: Shark.
MINING: 30: Coal. 41: Rune Pick. 60: Guild. 68: Dragon Slayer 2. 70: SOTE. 72: Fire Pits (w/ 50 Constr). Making Friends. 92: Amethyst.
SMITHING: 15: Iron. 30: Smelt Steel. 34: Steel Nails. 37: Steel Throwing Knives. 49: Bullseye Lantern. 50: Mithril. 59: Grapple Tips. 63>65: Devious Minds. 68: All Mithril. 70: Adamantite. Song of the Elves. Dragon Slayer II. 85: Rune. 88: All Adamantite. 99: All Rune.
CRAFTING: 20: Cut Sapphire. 27: Cut Emerald. 33: Vial. 34: Cut Ruby. 40: Guild. Lyre (Fremennik Trials). 43: Cut Diamond. 46: Glass Orb. 49: Bullseye Lantern. 54: Water Battlestaff. 55: Cut Dragonstone. 61: Lunar Diplomacy. 70: Monkey Madness II. L72/74/80: Dragonstone Necklace/Bracelet/Ammy.

AGILITY: 68: Making Friends With My Arm. 70: Taverley Dungeon.
FLETCHING: 25: Oak Longbow. 45: Maple ArrowShafts. 50: Maple Shortbow. Crystal Shield. 65: Yew Shortbow 80: Magic Shortbow.
- QUESTS: 70: Song of the Elves.
- TITHE FARM: Lv 34: 9k xp per session. Lv 54: 22k. Lv 74: 37k. Rewards: 250 pts: Seed Box. 200 pts: Gricoller's Can. (Must harvest all 100 seeds per session for full xp & 26 Reward Points)
- ALLOTMENT: 12:Tom 20:Corn 31:Strawb 45: Guild. 47:Watermelon.
- HERBS: 26:Harralander 32:Ranaar 44:Irit. 50:Avantoe 56:Kwuarm 62:Snapdragon 67:Cadantine 73:Lantadyme 85:Torstol.
- TREES: 27: Apple. 51: Pineapple (Catherby & Tree Gnome Stronghold). 83: Spirit Tree. 91: 2 Spirit Trees.
- FLOWERS: 25:Garden of Tranquility. Ring of Charos(a). 53: White Lily (Prevent crop disease). HOPS: 13: Jute. SPECIAL: xx: Turnip.
HERBLORE: 25: Ranarr. 36: Cb Pot. 38: Prayer Pot. 41>45: Legends Quest. 45: Super Atk Pot. 53>57: Fairytale II. 55: Super Str Pot. 66: Super Def Pot. 70: Song of the Elves. 77: Stamina Pot.
THIEVING: 27: Seed Stall. 28: Nature chest (Ardougne). 35: Fur Stall. 38: Master Farmer
After Death To The Dorgeshuun, sell Long Bones to Bartak for 4500xp. After The Corsair Curse, access the bank at Corsair Cove bank (Provides best bank option when POH is in Rimmington). Lv 70 required for Song Of The Elves.
- L5: Kitchen: 5k. L7: Pump: 5 Steel. L9: Wooden Larder: 8 Planks (Milk).
- L15: Workshop: 10k. Tool Store 1: 2 Oak. L25: Skill Hall: 15k. TS 2: TS 1 +, 2 Oak. L33: Oak Larder: 8 Oak.
- L35: Quest Hall: 25k. TS 3: TS 2 + 2 Oak. L40: Study: 50k.Oak Lectern: 1 Oak. L43: Teak Larder: 8 Teak, 2 Bolts of Cloth.
- L47: Eagle Lectern: 2 Oak. Guild Trophy: 3 Teak, Glory.
- L50: Move to Yanille: 25k. Portal Chamber: 100k. TP: 2 Limestone, 3 Teak. Mort Myre Fire Pit (w/ 66 Fire & quest).
- L60: Teak Magic Wardrobe : 4 Teak. L62: Teak Fancy Dress Box: 2 Teak.
- L62>67: Eagle Lectern (House TP Tablet) (w/ 40 Magic): 2 Mahogany, 1 Gold Leaf.
- L63: Teak Cape Rack: 4 Teak. L64: Teak Armour Case: 3 Teak.
- L65: Superior Garden: 75k. L75: Spirit Tree. L85: Fairy Ring.
- L90: Ornate Rejuvenation Pool: 10 Anti-Venom (4), 5 Gold Leaves, 1000 Blood Runes (Restore HP, Prayer, Run, Stats, Spcl Atk).
- L95: (w/ 83 Farming):Spirit Tree & Fairy Ring: Spirit Sapling. 10 Mushrooms, Fairy Enchantment, Water Can.
PORTALS (At lv 50):
- A1: Camelot (Catherby w/ 87 Magic). A2: Falador. A3: Varrock.
- B1: Canifis (w/ Desert Treasure). B2: Lunar Isle. B3: Kourend Castle.
- C1: Ardougne. C2: Fishing Guild (w/ 85 Magic). C3: Lumbridgee.
- D1: Digsite (Desert Treasure). D2: Troll Stronghold (Making Friends w/ My Arm). D3: Marim: Ape Atoll.
- OTHER: Yanille (Current POH location).
HUNTER: Varrock Museum: Take Natural History Quiz. 27: Ferret (after Eagles Peak). 60: MM2. 66: Spottier Cape. 70: Song of the Elves.
SLAYER: 69: Monkey Madness II. REWARD POINTS: The Herb Sack (750 pts) and Slayer Helmet (400 pts + Black Mask & other items) are the only items worth striving for. The Rune Pouch (1250) only holds three types of runes. The Slayer Ring (75) degrades to dust. The assignment blocks (100) are nice but costly.

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NOTES: Quests

TITLE: QUESTS: xxx. SKILLS: xxx. BOSS: xxx. ITEMS: xxx. REW: xxx. NOTES: xxx.
Making Friends With My Arm: READY FOR BOSS: Lv 163 Don't Know What & lv 198 Mother. ITEMS: Range Wep/Armor / Food/Prayer/Ring. REW: 10k Agility & Mining. 5k Firemaking. 2k Const. Disease-free herb patch in Weiss. Access Salt mines to build Fires of Dehumidification. Troll Stronghold TP
Devious Minds: SKILLS: 63>65 Smith (w/ Mature Dwarven Stout). ITEMS: Mithril 2h Sword. Non-degraded Large Pouch (Will lose both). REW: 5k Fletch & RC. 6.5k Smith.
A Taste Of Hope: BOSS: Lv 87 Vyrewatch x4. Lv 149 Abomination. Lv 233 Ranis Drakan. ITEMS: 1k gp, Pickaxe*, Vial of Water*, Chisel, Mortar & Pestle, 3 Air, 1 Cosmic, Emerald. Rod of Ivandis [Mithril & Silver Bar, Sapphire, Rod Clay Mold, Cosmic & Water, Rope = Silvthril Rod]. Wep/Armor/Food/Prayer/Recoil/Life/SuperSet. REW: Ivandis Flair. 2.5k in choice of 3
Dream Mentor: BOSS: Lv108 The Illusive. Lv 223 The Everlasting. Lv 274 The Untouchable. Lv 343 The Inadequacy. ITEMS: Seal of Passage. Goutweed. Astral Rune. REW: 15k HP. 10k Magic. 15k in choice of Str/Def/HP/Magic/Ranged. Unlock 7 Lunar spells. Access Lunar Isle bank w/o Seal of Passage (Still needed to talk to residents and to complete Dragon Slayer II).
Monkey Madness II: SKILLS: 69 Slayer. 70 Crafting. 60 Hunter. BOSS: Lv 149 Kruk. 178 Kef. 185 Kob. 141 Tortured Gorillas x9. 275 Demonic Gorillas x2. 378 Glough. ITEMS: Grapes. M'Speak Amulet. Ninja Greegree. Antidote. REW: 25k Slayer. 20k Agility. 15k Thieving & Hunter. Surface NPCs tolerant. Access bank. 50k xp x2 from Magic, Range, Atk, Def, Str, HP. Wield Heavy Ballista. Royal Seed Pod (Unlimited TP to Grand Tree).
Dragon Slayer II: QUESTS: Dream Mentor. SKILLS: 70 Smith. ITEMS: Catspeak. Goutweed. Cut Dragonstone. Astral Rune. Seal of Passage. Runes for 3 Firewave or Fire Surge spells. REW: Myths' Guild. 25k Smith, 18k Mining, 15k Agility & Thieving. See Ellen in Guild for 25k x 4 from Magic/Ranged/Str/Atk/Def/HP. Access Fountain of Uhid (Charge DStone). Create Ava's Assembler
Mourning's Ends: ITEMS: Death Talisman or 50 random items to obtain one. + Summer Pies (+5 Agility, 10% Run restore, 22 HP). Proselyte armor, Holy Symbol. REW: 20k Agility.Death Talisman. Access Temple of Light, Abyssal Rift
Song Of The Elves: QUESTS: Mornings Ends II. SKILLS: 70 Const, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Smithing, Woodcutting. BOSS: Many low to high lv Mourners, Paladins, Elf Warriors. 182 Arianwyn. 236 Essyllt. 494 Fragment of Seren. ITEMS: Mourner Gear. Runite Bar. Flowers. Adamant Chainbody. Wine of Zamorak. Black Knife or Dagger. Cadantine Seed. Many common items. REW: Access Prifddinas. 20k xp each in Agility, Constr, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting.
MQ: Curse Of The Empty Lord: REW: 10k xp Lamp (Talk to Minas at Varrock Museum to collect). Ghostly Robes set (needed for The General's Shadow.). ALERT: Teak Magic Wardrobe holds 3 sets of armor. Ghostly Robes (150k to replace) will bring number owned to 4. Only the Mystic is tradeable. Delay quest until building Carved Teak Magic Wardrobe (lv 64>69 Const)
MQ: The General's Shadow: QUESTS: Curse of the Empty Lord. BOSS: Lv 160 Ghost of Bouncer w/o Prayer. ITEMS: Ghostly Robes. REW: Shadow Sword.
MQ: The Mage Arena: Located in lv 56 Wilderness.
MQ: The Mage Arena II: QUESTS: The Mage Arena. SKILLS: Cast Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, and Saradomin Strike 100 times each inside Mage Arena. BOSS: Lv 235 Porazdir, lv 348 Justiciar Zachariah, and lv 235 Derwen, who roam the Wilderness
DIARY: xxx Lumbridge & Draynor: QUESTS: 269 QP. SKILLS: 76 RC. 63 Farming. 75 WC. 88 Smithing. 78 Thieving. 70 Crafting. REWARD: Use Fairy Rings w/o Dramen.

NOTES: Gallery

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