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How much do you love the truth? If it meant that your world would be turned upside–down, would you still want to know? Or do your prefer the emotional security of living in the matrix?

On this page you'll find a collection of websites and videos that are leading the way to a new understanding of the universe we live in. Once you begin, your perception of reality may take a sharp left turn. Change is coming. Not the change that politicians keep promising and continually fail to deliver but a change in the way people view themselves and the world we live in.

A global event occurs when the individuals of the world share a common personal experience. Stop hitting the snooze button. It's time to wake up.


The problems we face in the world today pose great challenges for our future. The solutions to these problems do not lie in the wisdom or technology of the past but if we close our eyes to both the mistakes and accomplishments of our forebears, then we blind ourselves to the correct path ahead.

The history of humanity may go back much farther than the textbooks would have you believe. And there are many more pages missing from the story...

Megaliths (Website) / NewEarth *YouTube channel)
Sylvie Ivaonowa is a dedicated non-professional committed to educating – or re–educating – people about truth in the sciences. Her primary focus is archaeology and ancient history but she touches on cosmology, natural healthcare, consciousness, and anything affecting the human condition. Her translations of Russian videos and other foreign language studies brings research to English speaking people that would otherwise remain virtually unknown.
Ancient Civilizations (Video) / Brien Foerster (YouTube Channel)
Brien Foerster visits archaeological sites around the world and asks the questions that most archaeologists refuse to touch or simply lie about. He has many videos, most of them under ten minutes. This conference presentation is an excellent summary of what is discussed in them and an excellent introduction to the topic.
Quest For The Lost Civilization (Playlist for the 14–video series)
Graham Hancock investigates ancient cultures as diverse as those of Egypt, the Mayans, and Easter Island and weaves their history into one that is linked by common threads.
Cappadocia – underground cities built when we were monkeys?
If you think the title exaggerates the possibility, you won't after listening to the commentary. Learn the lengths to which archaeologists will go to paint the picture they want you to see while blinding you to historical truth.
The Mysterious Origins of Man
Mysterious Origins of Man 2: Forbidden Archeology & The Extraterrestrial Connection
How the evidence challenges modern opinion.
Dr Sam Osmanagich Bosnian Pyramids presentation
If you thought you knew ancient history, this will shake your world.


What is the true story of human genealogy?

Lloyd Pye: Everything You Know Is Wrong
Anthropologists have been looking for the "missing link" in human lineage since the mid 19th century. They still haven't found it. What's really missing is scientific integrity.
Giants: The Mystery and the Myth (The Learning Channel documentary)
We view them today as fairy tales. But the evidence has more to say.


Modern archaeologists and historians believe that advances in knowledge have always been linear; that the people of any given time always know more than those who came before. The evidence shows otherwise.

The Pyramid Code – Complete Series
Popular theories about the history of the pyramids are ludicrous. Let's take a different look.
The Question of Humanity's True Origins
Graham Hancock speaks at the Earth–Keeper conference about the mysteries and misconceptions of history. When were the pyramids really build? What is the connection of ancient structures to the stars? "Modern" science has much to learn.
Secrets In Plain Sight (Video) / Secrets In Plain Sight (Blog)
Several of the listings on this page explore sacred geometry and esoteric knowledge that dates back to prehistory. Much of this knowledge is widely known today but not openly shared. And it's hidden right in front of you.

Science in the 21st century is a mixed bag. On one hand, we have technology that seems to be straight out of a sci–fi movie. But the most advanced technology is strictly under control of the military, which seems to be living in the dark ages. And scientists are under pressure, both from within the scientific community and without, to present the public with a clouded view of the true state of affairs.

HAARP: Technology To Control The Weather
A comprehensive overview by Nick Begich speaking at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. This is not the fear–based outlook that most reviewers present on this topic. Rather it offers a path going forward.
Can You Solve This?
Think out of the box

If someone told you the world was really flat, you'd tell them they were crazy. But imagine for the sake of argument that it really was flat. You'd have a seriously hard time adjusting to the new "truth" being offered. Now you can appreciate the difficulty people had when Copernicus claimed that the Earth revolved around the sun. Or when Galileo's observations ushered in an end to geocentrism.

Today, Einstein's long–standing theories are being challenged. Also coming under the microscope are archaeology, health sciences, and other fields. The paranormal, long considered a "pseudoscience," is being taken more seriously. Entirely new fields of morphic resonance and cymatics are re–emerging from the depths of antiquity.

Tom Wilson: Believing is Not Seeing | EU 2013
How our preconceived ideas lead us to fabricate an erroneous view of the universe by seeing what we expect to find rather than observing what is actually there.
Rupert Sheldrake: Banned TEDx Talk (See also other banned TEDx talks)
Speaking on the science delusion and refuting the ten dogmas of science
David Talbott: Exposing the Myths of "Settled Science"
The gravity model of the universe is failing every test of validity. The theory of relativity is being challenged by a growing number of scientists. It's time for a new way of explaining the universe.
Will Work For Free
We are rapidly moving toward a future where automation is replacing every conceivable corner of the job market. Healthcare (diagnosis, home care, drug manufacture), entertainment (acting, production), transportation (driving).... You name it; robots are learning to do it all. Yes, you will lose your job. But maybe that is not such a bad thing.

Reports from the established scientific community are laced with misinformation designed to disguise the increasing number of inconsistencies in the standard model of cosmology. When you start with a flawed premise, everything that follows from it will be flawed. The standard model is founded on math and when the numbers don't add up, they simply change the numbers. Some of the concepts being challenged:

  • Gravity and Relativity theory
  • The Big Bang and the expanding universe
  • Dark matter and dark energy
  • Galaxy formation,planet formation, and planetary stability
  • Black holes and neutron stars
  • The thermonuclear sun and supernova theory
  • Snowball comets
  • Geologic formations
  • Human origins

The plasma model of cosmology is founded in experiment. The EU model is scalable. An experiment in the lab can be scaled down to the size of an atom or up to the size of a galaxy. The results are the same regardless of the scale. Quantum theory is unproven and largely untested but the study of modern electricity goes back at least to Benjamin Franklin and is extremely well understood.

The Thunderbolts Project (Website)
The Thunderbolts Project (YouTube channel)
Conventional theories that assume gravity is the sole architect of the universe are failing tests of validity. A growing cadre of researchers are challenging these long held false assumptions and the Thunderbolts Project is leading the way. The welcome page on their website provides an overview of their work and links to the best places to learn more. Their YouTube channel has videos for those new to the EU concept and for those with advanced training.
Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie.
The nature of the universe isn't what you learned in school.
Gerald Pollack: Electrically Structured Water, Part 1 | EU 2013 / Part 2
Water is always absorbing radiant energy and converting it to other forms of energy. This lecture investigates the role of a fourth phase of water in healthcare, energy production, water filtration & desalination, weather prediction, food preservation, chemistry, and biology.
Symbols of an Alien Sky / Episode 2: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars
This video explores ancient records of planetary positions and events. It compares "myths" to modern electrical knowledge. This thought–provoking departure from the standard fare of Thunderbolts videos gets you asking questions and has you craving answers.

The ancient Greeks referred to the underlying fabric of the cosmos as the aether (or ether). Thought to have been disproven in the late 19th century, Einstein later admitted it was an essential aspect of Relativity theory. Today, the ether is the subject of Nobel Prize winning science and is the foundation for zero point energy, which forms the groundwork for free energy development. You may not be familiar with these terms now but as inventors around the world work to free us from the stony grip of Big Oil, they will soon become household words.

The Anti–Gravity Secret of Coral Castle (Extreme Mysteries episode)
The Castle of Secrets (In Search Of episode)
Coral Castle in Florida was built by Edward Leedskalin at the turn of the century. To this day, nobody has solved the mystery of how he did it.
Free Energy of Tesla (Bio. Dubbed in English)
Nikola Tesla invented AC current, radio, the electric motor, laser technology, radar, x–rays, neon, robotics, remote control, and cellular technology, all over a century ago. His contributions rank on the order of Einstein, Newton, and Edison and he was once just as well known. But Tesla became the tragic victim of corporate greed and his name fell into obscurity. He is now considered the greatest proponent of free energy in modern times and stands as the role model for all who seek to follow.
William Lyne Interview: Session 1 / Session 2 (33rd Parallel episode)
Compelling testimony that the world has had free energy technology since the 1930s and is using it extensively today.
GEET Engine (YouTube Playlist) / Website
After watching videos that show inventors with amazing engines, you're wondering, "So where can I get one?" Well, check out the PDF file for plans on how to convert your existing engine.
Blue Star Enterprise (Website)
Developing a home–vehicle combination powered by free energy.
BlackLight Power (SunCell): (Website)
SunCell Public Demonstration Video (2½ hr)
Patent application for Solid Fuel Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition Cell (SunCell)
Water is used to produce pollution–free power by forming a more stable state of hydrogen. The technology has been validated by CIT professors, an MIT chemical engineering industry expert, a team of Fortune 500 experts, a materials science professor, and a defense company with 25 research electrochemists.
BLP does have its detractors (Read this article on Wikipedia). But the objections are based on inconsistencies with quantum theory. Well, if you visit The Thunderbolts Project, you'll find that quantum theory is inconsistent with itself and is certainly doomed to extinction. The naysayers also argue that the founder has failed to bring the device to market. Fair enough. BLP is only trying to create a new source of power. How hard can that be?
Breakthrough Energy Movement (YouTube Channel) / GlobalBEM (Website)
Researching and facilitating awareness and use of new energy systems.
Pure Energy Systems (PES Wiki) (Website)
There are thousands of people working on cutting–edge energy technologies that are capable of making it to market in the near future. PES Wiki brings the most promising of them together on their website.

Doctors once got angry if you asked them to wash their hands before operating (Look it up). We've come a long way since then. But we have a long way to go. Your doctor may pretend to know how your body works but you know something that they find hard to accept: You are not a machine; you are much more. Learn why medicine is one of the leading causes of death and disease.

Epigenetics (SciShow episode)
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. – Epigenetics: The science of Human Empowerment
The Biology of Perception
The new science of epigenetics is turning old concepts of genetics upside–down. You are not a victim. You can do what the doctors can not.
Dr. Bruce Lipton at Uplift 2012 Conference
Are you ready for the next stage in human evolution?
BBC Horizon – A Code in the Nose – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4
The current view is that we smell things when molecules lock into receptors that match their shape. Scientists continue to promote this theory even though it fails to be supported by the evidence. Evidence does support a theory that molecular vibration is the foundation of the sense of smell.
Oil Pulling (Website)
Ayurvedic dental care.

When reading some of the stories here, you might ask what good it does for you personally. Here are some people who are changing the world with products that have been brought to market.

Hemp Hemp Hooray: The Growing Industrial Hemp Market (Educational video)
A renewable resource, the world's most versatile plant can provide food, clothing, building material, paper, body care products, plastics, paint and much more. It can help clean and rebuild the damaged environment, restore forests by reducing the need to cut trees, and provide jobs.
Hundreds of years ago, hemp had a promising future. The nation's leaders grew it. Then they passed repressive laws that buried hemp under a veil of shame. Those laws are slowly being relaxed and hemp is finally poised to fulfill its promise.
Correlated Magnetics Research (Website – With introductory videos)
Correlated Magnetics Research (YouTube channel)
Imagine two magnets that attract and repel each other at the same time. Or several magnets that will selectively attract each other into a pre–specified alignment. CMR creates programmed magnets with functions that are impossible with ordinary magnets.


(and Energy Flow Balancing)

It's known by many names:

  • In the Hindu Vedic tradition, it is prana. In traditional Chinese healing and martial arts, it is qi (also chi, ch'i, or ki) and is the "life force" or "breath of life".
  • In French, it is elan vital (vital energy). In Hawaiian culture, it is mana. In Hebrew culture, it is ruah. The ancient Greeks called it pneuma.
  • Franz Anton Mesmer called it animal magnetism, later referred to as mesmerism, from which hypnotism is derived. Wilhelm Reich, whose works contributed to several major innovations in psychotherapy, coined the term orgone to describe the "orgastic potency" that he felt was the root of both physical and socio–economic health.
  • You can also check other listings on this page for zero point energy or Torsion Fields, which is being studied as a source of free energy.

Many words for the same concept, it is the fundamental, driving energy of the cosmos. The disciplines listed below are all designed to keep that energy flowing freely along proper channels and in proper balance

Grounding (Radio interview w/ Dan Hall)
Earthing Institute (Website)
We eat the foods that we believe will make us strong. We stay physically active. We get plenty of rest. We practice techniques for peace of mind. But are we overlooking something critical in our quest for health? Perhaps something as simple as sitting in the yard with your bare feet on the grass can have a profound effect.
Sun Gazing (Video)
Solar Healing (Website)
The benefits of watching the sun and the proper way to do it.
Gary Robert Buchanan (YouTube Channel) / What is Sonatherapy (Introduction)
Steamboat Springs (Website and healing center)
Balancing the body's energies with volcanic healing water, cymatic therapy, light & color therapy, aromatherapy, massage, and energy work.
Georg Ritschl: Orgone Energy

Everything in the universe vibrates. Some vibrations are harmonious, some are unpleasant. Some are very subtle. When you get a "vibe" from someone, you are connecting with their emotional vibration. The Earth is a complex, living organism and all of its myriad components have their own frequency. Over time, exposure to negative vibration can have a debilitating effect while exposure to positive vibration can have a restorative effect.

Sound can affect physical shape. Shape, like sound, can affect emotion. The science of sound and how resonate frequencies affect objects and people is known as cymatics. The science of shape and its effects is known as sacred geometry. The listings in this section examine the subtleties of these ancient sciences.

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form (Video)
Music, shape, math, time, and space all come together in a cosmic coincidence that can no longer be ignored. For more, see Eric Rankin 432hz
The Template (Website) / The Template (YouTube channel)
Restoring a natural resonance with the original human template through sacred geometry, cymatics, and alchemical ceremony.
Sacred Geometry (The Template) (Video)
A clear, comprehensive, and professional explanation of how geometry can have an immediate and profound effect on the human body. Includes a demonstration of the science at work on a volunteer subject.
Cymatic Imagery of the OM chant
You're familiar with the OM -- or AUM -- chant. This video will give it some new perspective.
Golden Mean (Cymatics)
How sound can be used therapeutically.
CGimaging (YouTube Channel)
Charles Gilchrist offers tutorials that approach sacred geometry from a dual perspective. Whether you seek scientific analysis or the more subtle "sacred" side, this is a good place to broaden your understanding.
Aura Protocol / The Universe of Resonance / Moonlight Sonata / A = 432 Hertz
Demonstrations of the relationships of sound & shape. A good introduction to sonatherapy.

Quantum physics has demonstrated what many have know for thousands of years: Our minds have a consequential impact on the material world. Research over the last century is now leading to a new understanding of the processes involved.

The Amazing Power of Your Mind
You are the creator of your own reality.
The Extended Mind
The classic view is that the mind is located in the brain. Evidence shows that it extends far beyond that.
Dean Radin: Men Who Stare At Photons, Part 1 | EU 2013 / Part 2
Using the tools of rigorous science to investigate the interactions between minds, and between mind and matter.
Dean Radin on Consciousness -Interviewed by Adrian Nelson
Examining the barriers that conventional thought presents for studies in cognition.
The Lucid Dreamer
Lucid dreaming isn't just a method for having fun in dreams. It can have a profound effect on physical and mental health.

Quantum physics has established that matter is a process, not a thing. The fundamental particles that compose matter are waves of activity; they're energy bound within fields. Biologists in the early 20th century proposed that the shape of living organisms are formed from "morphogenetic" (form–shaping) fields.

Rupert Sheldrake ∼ Morphic Resonance (Keynote Address: IGEEM Sept 2013)
Rupert Sheldrake – The Morphogeneic Universe
Where is memory stored? How do shapes form in nature? Is there a scientific basis for telepathy? Genetics and biology fail to provide acceptable answers.

The surface of the planet is 70% water. Your body is 70% water. By molecular count, 99% of the molecules in your body are water. Perhaps we should pay closer attention to this life–giving substance.

What We Know Is A Drop: The Mystery of Water
Water Has Memory
Exploring the complexity of this "simple" substance.

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements are a class of elements consisting of the single atoms of common elements such as gold. ORMEs take the form of a white powder and have properties that are nothing like their counterparts on the periodic table. A consumable form of ORMEs, called ORMUS, may have been used thousands of years ago and may be the subject of Biblical references.

ORMUS (Video)
Discovered by David Hudson, an Arizona farmer, who spent millions of dollars researching it. This "video" is the audio presentation of David Hudson telling the story of his discovery. It is an absorbing four hour listen.
Spirit of Maat – Interview with Barry Carter (Website)
Barry Carter is one of the leading researchers into the properties of ORMUS. This page also summarizes the three basic methods for creating ORMUS.
Subtle Energies (Website)
This site offers considerable information on ORMEs and ORMUS.
Making ORMEs / ORMUS (Tutorial video)
An easy, inexpensive way to make ORMUS with common ingredients. Shown by the person who runs the Cherokee Gold website listed below.

* Market Listings *
These sites offer products relative to the topics listed here

Orgonise Africa
Orgone products for balancing natural energies.
Cherokee Gold (Ormus magnetic traps)
Magnetic trap to make ORMUS water concentrate.
K&J Magnetics, Inc. (Magnets)
Neodymium magnets to create structured water, build ormus magnetic traps, etc.
Essential Depot / Greener Life Essentials (Food–grade lye)
Food–grade lye. Used for making ormus by the wet method.
Hanna Instruments: (pH meters) (Portable model / Stick model / Benchtop model)
Making ORMUS by the wet method requires a quality pH meter.
World's Best Nature Store (Website for Wonders of the World museum & gallery)
Quality gemstones for bringing your body into resonate harmony with Earth's frequency.


Neptune was the first planet to be discovered by mathematical prediction. But the math showed that Neptune was not sufficient to balance the equation. There must be yet another planet further out. The search has been on ever since.

A Challenge To The Works Of Zecharia Sitchin
There is a popular belief that Planet X – usually called Nibiru in this context – orbits the Sun in a highly elliptical orbit that brings it close to Earth every 3600 years. The theory is based entirely on the work of Zecharia Sitchin. This video examines that work.


Crop circle theories fall into two major camps: Some people believe they are all made by human hand while others feel there are phenomena associated with circles that defy human capacity. But maybe there is something here that both groups have overlooked. These videos examine the evidence with a single objective: Find the truth, regardless of where it leads.

Crop Circles – The Truth & The Lies: Part 1   /   Part 2   (Video)
If you're an enthusiast, you may be put off by the revelations in Part 1. But whatever your predisposition, Part 2 is a compelling approach that will have you doubting previous convictions. Both proponents and opponents have been distorting the facts and twisting the truth. In the end you have to form your own conclusions but one thing is certain: there is much more here than meets the eye.
The X–Conference: The British Gov't Involvement In Crop Circle Research (Video)
A talk by Colin Andrews. Andrews has an impressive list of credits (noted at the beginning of the video) and has studied crop circles for over 30 years. He is the person who coined the term "crop circle." He shares the opinion of the author of the other two videos listed above but has his own way of presenting that opinion. You'll never look at crop circles the same way after listening to his presentation.


The titles and content of some of these videos describe what you're seeing. The truth is that these explanations are speculation at best, sometimes wild speculation. But no matter how far removed the explanations are from reality, the fact remains that these are some incredible events that beg for answers.

Weird Sky
Norwegian Spiral Anomaly
Spiral In Western Canada
UFO Sightings 2011
Double Helix Cloud Over Russia
Something Is Going On


What is that thing?

The Black Knight
Nikola Tesla discovered it in 1899 and it is estimated to be 13,000 years old. Some think it is alien but its age coincides perfectly with ancient civilizations believed to have advanced technology.
Aliens Unearthed
There are some strange things living on Earth.


The term "UFO" has come to be used synonymously with "flying saucer," implying that the object, whatever it is, is controlled by an intelligence and does not originate on Earth. The assumption is that these are ETVs, or "extra–terrestrial vehicles" because the technology required for them is not possessed on Earth.

But there is very strong evidence that this is far from the truth. If you explore some of the listings in the Deception and Alternative Energy categories, you'll learn that our capability may be far beyond what has been revealed. The knowledge possibly comes from reverse engineering of real ETVs but more likely arises from true pioneers in human science, such as Nikola Tesla. A very large percentage of UFOs may very well originate in our own back yard.


They may come from "out there" or may may be homegrown. Either way, don't sit back and wait for dubiously benevolent aliens to save us. You are the solution to all problems, be they personal or global, and now is the time to take action.

A well–balanced Discovery Channel documentary that explores both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial origins for unidentified craft.
The Phoenix Lights (Movie)
In 1997, on March 13, residents of Nevada and Arizona witnessed a V–shaped formation of lights that spanned a mile of the night sky yet appeared to be part of a single object. It was reported over Henderson, NV (at 7:55 pm), Paulden, AZ (8:15), Prescott, AZ (8:17), Phoenix (8:30), and Tucson (8:45). It flew over an airport and a military complex. In Phoenix, it was seen by 10,000 people. Pilots and traffic controllers observed it visually yet it failed to register on radar. Sometimes hovering or gliding slowly at very low altitude, sometimes moving at great speed, the event (or events) lasted three hours.
The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun
If you don't believe the events recorded by citizens, take a look at some of NASA's own footage.


Senators, governors, and presidents are admitting personal experience and are demanding full disclosure from the United States government. Even the Pope has weighed in.

Canadian Minister of Defense speaks out on UFOs (Video)
Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada speaks before congressmen at a public hearing about the existence of extra–terrestrials.
UFOs in South America – Disclosure Has Begun (Video)
Countries around the world are releasing classified files.
Disclosure In Russia
High–ranking military personnel are speaking out in an official capacity.


Many ask, "If they're here, why haven't they made contact?" Others claim that contact has been an ongoing process for thousands of years.

Stanton Friedman asks Are We Ready for Alien Contact?
The acclaimed nuclear physicist challenges the role of SETI and conventional science in the investigation of UFOs.
Starchild Project (Website)
The most thoroughly researched evidence of contact ever found.
The Underground: A hidden reality and the true story of Phil Schneider
The cover–up goes deep.
UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact
Movies depict invasion as overt warfare, covert body occupation, or other methods that reflect our limited capacity to conceive the potential of races that may be millions of years older than us. An advanced race would be subtle and efficient, compelling their victims to willingly yet unknowingly submit to capture. Perhaps such conquest was successfully completed long ago and our salvation lies not with the military but with the growing awareness of every individual.

"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." – George Carlin.

Why does the caged bird not fly away when the door is wide open? It sees the door but it doesn't see the cage.

Do you believe that you live in a democracy with free and open elections? Do you believe that there exists a genuine terrorist threat orchestrated by fanatics with an agenda to tear down that democracy? Are you willing to have your illusions torn down instead? Are you willing to learn who really controls America and what their agenda is?

Stay informed. Become involved. Speak your mind, sing your heart.

The Truth About Libya, Gaddafi, and the illuminati
You probably know Gaddafi as an evil dictator. The reality will surprise you. How you came to believe the lies will anger you. The loss this world has suffered will make you weep.
Ethos (2011 Video)
How a small number of super–wealthy have psychologically manipulated their way into control of the country. Hosted by Woody Harrelson.
Ethos: Genesis (2915 Video)
An updated look at the issues covered in the 2011 movie.
If you think slavery has been abolished, you are in for a rude awakening, especially when you learn that you are the slave. But the simple truth is that you can't be manipulated if you are aware of the process and take action to correct it.
Masters of the Universe: The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve (Feature film)
Do you know that the Federal Reserve is not a Federal organization? It is an independent bank whose decisions do not have to be approved by executive or legislative branches of government. Learn how to rob every bank in the country, all at the same time.
Climate Engineering, Weather Warefare, And the Collapse of Civilization
There is a war in progress. It is not being reprted in the media but you are right in the middle of it and needs you on the frontline.
The Story of Your Enslavement
You have to open your eyes to find your way out of the forest.
911: The Myth and The Reality
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
The official NIST investigation of 9/11 offered answers that defy the laws of physics. Experts in the field examine the holes in the logic and demand the truth.
Where Did The Towers Go. Dr Judy Wood : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (Videos)
Dr. Judy Wood (Website)
Dr. Wood is the only person who has conducted unbiased, scientific research into the event. Her conclusions will change the way you view the world. The videos are from the interview on the Pete Santilli radio show includes slides and videos and is one of the most comprehensive presentatins Dr. Wood has given. The website consolodates all of the iron–clad evidence that no open mind can refute.
Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? ($3.99 on YouTube as of 2014 May)
How corporations have engineered a division of class through deregulation, outsourcing, targeted tax policies that benefit the wealthy, and legislative corruption. See a preview on LinkTV or YouTube. (This movie available on Public Television. Request that it be aired.)
The Turning Point
Meet the Bilderberg Group. They have an annual conference to decide the future of nations and the world. They do it without informing the people whose lives they control and without any approval from them. From you. Their greatest fear is exposure and they are now being exposed.
The revolution is now. Join it or lose it.


Premliana (YouTube channel)
Logic said the world is flat. Until we learned otherwise, proving that logic is not a reliable tool in our quest for understanding. But if you knew all the answers, the adventure would be over. Life is all about discovery. You can never know the Infinite but you can spend an eternity exploring infinite creation.
I try to collect credible videos about the topics listed on this website. You could argue that some of them are not so credible. But every attempt to learn the truth is a step in the right direction, no matter what road it takes you down.

Crime and corruption tear at the social fabric of the world, obscene levels of wealth are amassed while many live in poverty. We've polluted our water, atmosphere, land, bodies, and minds. But people all over the world are waking up. There is still a long way to go and the effort requires your help. You can't change the world; you may as well try to stop the wind by holding up your hands. But you can change you. As each individual changes, the world will follow.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha.
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 2 – The Spiral.
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 3 – The Serpent and the Lotus.
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 4 – Beyond Thinking.
It's Time To Wake Up – We Are All One.
Vibration and the Power of Human Emotion

Some of the listings on this page paint a bleak picture of the human condition. Don't feel anger for the injustice of the past or regret for your failures. Don't dwell on what tomorrow may or may not bring. This moment called "now" is the only one you will ever know and it is filled with joy.

Your chains are not made of steel. If you feel imprisoned and want to break out, know that the door is wide open. Free your heart by loosening the shackles of your mind and you will understand that you are the governor with the power to grant a pardon. You are the warden who holds the key to the cell.

Look within yourself and you will find the answers to your questions. Look within and you will find yourself and know who you are.

Where is Peace? (Video)
Peace is as close to you as your heart.
Time For Peace (Invitation video)
Promo for London event, 2014 June 29.
25,550 Days
How many days do you have?
The Prem Rawat Foundation (Youtube channel)
Bringing peace, dignity, and prosperity to all people of the world.
Prem Rawat – Topic (YouTube channel
Prem Rawat travels the world with a simple message of peace. Peace is not the absence of war, it is a feeling within. Peace must start with each individual. When the people of the world have peace within, there will be peace in the world.

Where do we go from here? Don't worry. You're not alone. We're all here to help each other.

Armageddon ~ The War Within
The Next Level
Global Ascension & Rebirth
Lucid Living

Don't be afraid of what you may lose in the changes that lay ahead. Welcome the new world that will rise from the ashes. Would you like to know what that world will be like? Look within your heart. It's already here.

Freedom In A Hostile World
Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF

The world is going to hell in a handbasket and things are only getting worse. But things are also getting better. We are at a critical point in time where the choices of individuals will define the path ahead for humanity. It's your future. What choices will you make?

Trey Gowdy (YouTube search results)
If you feel that the political machine is corrupt to the core, you would be justified and you would not be alone. But there are still honest people in government who are trying to make the world a better place and who are not afraid of the consequences that their effors might bring. Trey Gowdy is a shining star in this small club. There's far too much material available to be selective so this link shows the results of a search. Just click one and watch a true hero.

After visiting the sites above, you're likely to have one of three reactions. One is rejection, in which case thanks for taking the time to check things out and weigh the evidence with an open and unbiased mind.

Another possibility is that you found what you've been looking for. You knew all along that something was not right and you're eager to learn more. I hope I've helped you find some direction.

But some may be confused. You just found out that you've been lied to. By your leaders, by your educators, even by people you were previously sure you could trust. Now you don't know who or what to believe. That's quite understandable.

To be sure, most of the viewpoints expressed in these listings are questionable. But that's the whole point. You should question them. I've tried to restrict these listings to videos and websites for which I have a high degree of confidence but remember, these are explorations. When you go exploring, you venture into unknown territory. You have to expect pitfalls and dangers. That shouldn't keep you from exploring.

Always remember that confusion is optional. Being awake is not academic. It has nothing to do with "knowing things" but is a matter of knowing yourself. Even if the universe crumbles around you, if your focus is within, your world will remain stable. Your heart knows the truth. Listen to it.


All of the answers are within you

There is a widely held opinion that the planet is overpopulated and that escalating population is a leading contributor to the current world crisis. The view is that crowded cities lead to crime, poverty, stress, pollution, disease, and pretty much everything that is wrong in the world today. There isn't enoughh food to feed everybody and we will soon exhaust the natural resources needed to sustain us all. So they claim

I understand the sentiment. I used to feel the same way. In fact, my personal stand was even more extreme than most. I felt that the ideal population for Earth was about ten million, with one million being the critical low and 100 million being the critical high. But this is a short–sighted view that fails to see the bigger picture. One that fails to appreciate the true power that we have to create our world. People are not the problem.

People are the solution.

The solution begins with you. It begins with each individual. Nobody is going to save us; we have to save ourselves. Stop living with your eyes glued to the TV and and a cellphone hardwired to your brain and wake up to a greater reality. The world is in the middle of a catastrophic collapse. It is not on the verge of it, it is already in a tailspin.

If you're ready to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution, visit the topics listed below.

Learn the truth. We've all had the wool pulled over our eyes and it's time to shed some light on the deception. There is a war in progress and knowledge is the greatest weapon in our arsenal. Visit the topics listed on the Explorations page for more.

Before It's News
Alternative news and science
GeoEngineering Watch
Keeping a close watch on the climate manipulation being conducted on a planet–wide scale.
The Global Consciousness Project
"We are all one" is not just a New Age fantasy. It has been demonstrated that there is a direct link between human consciousness and world events and that consciousness creates order in the world. The Global Consciousness Project explores these subtle interactions with statistital analysis and asks how this knowledge can be used for constructive change
WOPG: Watch • Listen • Discover
The most important path of discovery is to learn about yourself.
Telling the secrets and exposing the lies. Bringing you the news you need to know about the world, governments, and people: Science, ecology, climate, corporate transparency, Internet censorship, war, torture, spying, suppression of free speech, corruption, finance, taxes, cults, abuse.

We are living in the dark age of science. Fortunately there are those who have broken free of the chains of ignorance and are leading the world into a new, enlightened age.

Bruce Lipton's website
Bruce Lipton has a PH.D in biology, an impressive list of academic positions and fellowships, science awards, professional studies, research publications. He's written many books and lectures extensively. Bruce wasn't content to aceept everything he was told without question. He realized that standard science was letting accepted theory color their observations rather than letting observation shape their theories. He teaches people that you are not a victim of your genes or your environment but have the power to take control of your own life. He is not an inspirational speaker (though his lectures are very inspiring). His ideas are thoroughly grounded in science and supported by research
The Thunderbolts Project
You may wonder why you should give any attention to a group that promotes a new theory of cosmology. Well, think of Copernicus or Galileo and the impact they had on the world. When our understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe changes, our whole world changes. Very big changes are on the horizon.

Becoming educated is only the first step. Ride the wave of energy that is washing across the world.

Words of Peace (Website)
You have many options.
Awakening As One (Website) / missSerenityk (YouTube)
If you feel you are alone, know that you are not.

Don't just sit there. It's not enough to agree with the efforts of others. Take action. Take part. The people listed here are leaders in the effort to repair the world and all that lives on it. They need help in those efforts.

Global Goals
Working toward global goals for sustainable development, peace, and justice: End poverty, hunger, pollution, and inequalities. Provide education, healthcare, clean water, sanitation, affordable clean energy, decent work. Develop sustainable communities, responsible production, economic growth. Develop and maintain quality of life in the forests, rivers, lakes, oceans.
Thrive Movement
Thrive is a hub for social change. They provide media to help you become informed and they organize projects to help you become involved.
Fix The World
Provides services to implement planet changing projects. Helps fund humanitarian projects that help the needy and heal the planet.
Peace is possible and PeaceCast is helping to make it happen by spreading the word.
The Prem Rawat Foundation / Independent Initiatives
TPRF addresses fundamental human needs of food and clean water so people can live with dignity, peace, and prosperity.
Words Of Peace (YouTube channel)
You can not bring peace to the world by bringing an end to war because war does not begin in the world. It begins within. The mission of Words of Peace is to help each individual find peace within. When the people of the world have peace within, peace in the world will follow.
The Venus Project (Website) / The Venus Project (YouTube channel)
Calling for social reform and a resource based economy to provide a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. Watch their movie, Paradise or Oblivion.
The Zeitgeist Movement
A global advocacy group spreading awareness about social problems and providing a platform for solutions to bring about a resource based economy and a sustainable, peaceful global society (FAQ).

You are the first person to look to for a solution to your problems. Pointing a finger at others only leaves you with the other three fingers pointing back at yourself. The best way to fight back is to realize that you have the final decision about the course your life takes. Nobody controls you unless you allow them to take that control away from you.

Truth Is Treasone (Website)
When the government exceeds the authority granted to it by the people, it is time for civil disobedience. If you have not received the American Community Survey, you may find it hard to believe just how invasive it is. If you have received it, you can reject the survey. The post above is lengthy but very informative. You can skip over all of the legal quotes or just skip down to the last few paragraphs.